Group Exercise

Build Friendships
Get Fit!

YMCA Group Exercise Programs bring together all health-seekers 

Are you looking for a way to build friendships, strengthen your immune system, gain motivation, experience comradery, work out at a higher intensity, have accountability, and become part of an amazing community? If so then Group Exercise classes could be what you are looking for!

If you are new to exercise joining a class is a great way to take that step and there are so many benefits that you will reap! A strengthened immune system is a benefit that regular exercise gives and is now more important than ever! When we exercise different types of white blood cells production increases. One of those white blood cells is known as macrophage and those help destroy harmful bacteria and viruses as they travel through the body. This is especially important during times of stress to prevent a weakened immune system.

Working out in a group setting is great for motivation and accountability. A study from the University of Southern California found that people who didn’t work out alone and worked out with a friend or friends said exercise was more enjoyable than exercising solo. This also helps to make the fitness habit one that sticks. Working out with others creates motivation and the encouragement from classmates helps you push through that last set and lead to the feeling of accomplishment.

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Group Exercise


Your heart is a muscle, and it needs daily exercise. The best way to exercise it—cardio. 

Short for cardiovascular exercise, cardio is any movement that increases your heart rate and boosts blood circulation in your body. And it is the cornerstone of any successful fitness plan.  Learn more about Cardio


Align your spirit, mind, and body with these focused workouts that strengthen, sculpt, and tone your muscles.

Our guided mindfulness and body exercise classes put you in tune with your body and give you peace of mind to tackle the hardships of life.  Learn more about Mind/Body

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Strength Training

Cardiovascular conditioning combined with strength training is the best way to burn calories while maintaining lean body mass.  Learn more about Strength Training

Water Fitness

Water Fitness is an excellent way to get fit. It is ideal for all fitness levels and non-swimmers.

Join this fun workout with motivational music, a great community, and inspiring instructors.  Learn more about Water Fitness

Important Information

  • Level: Beginning/Intermediate
  • Available to non-members with a purchased day pass
  • Drop-in Class
  • No registration required
  • Teens ages 14+ may attend 
  • 12 & 13 year old may attend only after completion of the Youth Strength Training program

Come to class dressed and ready to move your body

  • Wear loose-fitting, functional workout clothing made of breathable material to allow airflow
  • Proper gym shoes
  • Water
  • Towel
Man stretches during group exercise class

Barb and Doug

Sometimes I want to quit in the first few minutes of a workout. Then I remember how good I feel afterward, which keeps me going!

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