A Happier,
Healthier You

Benefits of the Y's Fitness Training 

  • Learn strength training and aerobic exercise techniques
  • Learn how to develop a workout
  • Learn how to use recommended age-appropriate equipment
  • Learn character values of the Y and fitness room etiquette
  • Learn components of a well-rounded, safe workout (warm-up, strength/cardio, cool-down, flexibility)
Increased Risk

The World Health Organization warns that not being physically active can increase death risk by as much as 30%.

Lower risk

Lower risk of cardiovascular disease through physical activity

Fitness & Training Programs

Older woman stretching with a personal trainer

Active Aging

Seniors can stay active as well as grow in spirit, mind and body.
Personal trainer assists man on stationary bike

Fitness Orientation

Learn how to use the our workout rooms and selectorized equipment.
Woman exalts in joy after successful workout

Group Fitness

Get motivated by attending Group Exercise Classes


LVESTRONG at the YMCA is a 12-week physical activity program designed to get survivors back on their feet.
Personal Trainer speaking to Y Member

Personal Training

Providing you with safe fitness options to meet your health and fitness ambitions!
Person stretching with a virtual class


On-demand content included with your membership
Young boys smiling at coach

Youth Fitness

Getting kids active early in life builds connections in the brain that can help them stay active for a lifetime.
Man stretches during group exercise class

Fitness Schedules

Check out our fitness schedules at each location
Come for the activities.
Discover the Community.