Zumba Gold®+ Circuit

Zumba Gold®+ Circuit

Perfect for Zumba® fans who want to add circuit training. The Latin-inspired dance rhythms of Zumba® Gold combine with the benefits of metabolism-boosting strength training for one complete workout. Check the schedule to see which of our facilities offer this amazing class!

Energize your spirit and invigorate your body with our Zumba Gold®+ Circuit class, set amidst the vibrant rhythms and lush landscapes of the Pacific Northwest. Imagine yourself immersed in the pulsating beats of Latin-inspired music, surrounded by a community of kindred spirits on a journey of joy and vitality. Combining the exhilarating dance movements of Zumba® Gold with the metabolism-boosting benefits of circuit training, each session becomes a celebration of movement and empowerment. Led by experienced instructors, let the rhythm of the music guide you through a dynamic fusion of dance and strength exercises, leaving you feeling invigorated, refreshed, and alive. Whether you're a seasoned dancer or taking your first steps towards fitness, our Zumba Gold®+ Circuit class offers a welcoming space where every shimmy, shake, and step brings you closer to a healthier, happier you. Join us and dance your way to a healthier, happier you!

Mood Boost

35% experience elevated mood and energy levels.


25% noticed improved cardiovascular fitness.


75% report enhanced coordination and agility.

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