Open Tai Chi

The area is open for students to engage in independent Tai Chi practice. No instructor is on-site. Tai Chi, a healing practice, blends martial arts flowing movements with Qi (energy) circulation, breathing, and stretching techniques.

Discover the healing power of Tai Chi in our Open Tai Chi sessions. Experience the ancient art of Tai Chi as a journey of self-discovery and renewal. With no instructor present, each session becomes a personal exploration of movement, breath, and energy flow. Let the flowing movements of Tai Chi guide you on a path of inner peace and harmony as you synchronize your mind, body, and spirit with the natural rhythms of the universe. Whether you're seeking relief from stress and pain or simply yearning for a deeper connection to yourself and the world around you, our Open Tai Chi sessions offer a sanctuary where every movement becomes a meditation and every breath a prayer.


75% experience reduced stress and anxiety levels.


80% report improved focus and mental clarity.

Sleep Better

20% notice better sleep quality.