Y Cares

Y Cares

Y Cares is an outreach effort to improve the lives of our members and neighbors who are socially distanced due to health and related constraints while sharpening the Y's focus on mission.

Do you or someone you know need assistance with yard work, shopping, emotional support, figuring out the social media dos and don'ts, a ride to an appointment, or something unique to your situation?  We will try to provide assistance when and where we are able.  The first step is to reach out and let us work together to create a plan.

Have you ever looked at something and said to yourself, "There has to be more to this than meets the eye?" When you look at the YMCA of Columbia-Willamette, there is definitely more to it than meets the eye.  While you look at the building, you may see a pool, a gym, some weights, and people sweating, what you won't see unless you look more intently, are people gathering, people talking, and people that seem busy in another way. What you won't see right away are the people who are hungry and being fed a meal. People that have clothing that is worn out get new clothes. People that are sick or injured and in the hospital are visited by a chaplain and a staff, usually bringing a member with them. 

You won't see right away are people that are homebound being visited by "Y" people. You may see a staff on the phone, but what you won't realize is that they are calling a member who hasn't shown up for a few days, and they are checking on them to make sure everything is ok. 

Y-Cares is the ministry of the YMCA. We care, will you come alongside us and help us build a community that cares too?

With your help in 2022, we provided


Nutritious meals to kids and families 


Hours of childcare and learning support


Youth with day camp or overnight camp experiences


Youth with swim lessons and safety around water training

There are still many challenges to overcome. When you invest in the Y, you're helping thousands of families throughout the Columbia-Willamette region.


Staff and volunteers with certified chaplain training

What is YCARES?

YCARES is an intentional and sustainable set of programs that assists our most vulnerable neighbors with access to essential services. The Y is a place of belonging for all, creating opportunities to build a thriving, equitable community.

Save Lives with YCARES

Drowning Prevention

2 children die every day by drowning 

By investing in our Safety Around Water program, you will help youth recognize risk while learning the critical skills to be secure while near the water.

Hunger Relief

1 in 5 children struggle with hunger

By investing in our hunger initiatives, you will aid in the distribution of nutritious meals to children and families experiencing food scarcity.

Aging Well

1/3 of adults over the age of 65 falls each year

Investing in our Aging Well programs helps older adults increase their strength, balance, and confidence in performing everyday activities.

Empowering Future Generations

1/2 of Youths don't have physical, emotional, or social support 

By investing in our Empowering Future Generations programs, you will ensure our children experience opportunities to grow in a stable, supportive environment under the guidance of positive adult role models.

Chaplain Services

1 in 2 people don't feel a sense of peace and wellness 

Investing in our Chaplaincy program bolsters our ability to come alongside people in need and provide community connection, mental well-being, life skills, and family support.

We can't do it alone!

As an investor, you are essential to the Y's ability to continue our purpose-driven work serving children, families, and individuals. We invite you to invest in the YMCA of Columbia-Willamette and keep our good work and legacy thriving as it has since 1868. 


To put the principles of love, respect, honesty, responsibility, and service into practice through programs that build a healthy spirit, mind, and body for all.