Beaverton Hoop YMCA

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Hoop Leagues

Challenge Your Team

Our Hoop Leagues are competitive basketball leagues for teams that are looking for challenging games. The Hoop League takes competitive teams from Oregon and Washington and places them in a league that is best known for its "self filtering" process. The self filtering process is used to match teams up week after week in order to create the most competitive matchups.

We start each season with a Preseason Shootout Tournament which allows us to see the level of every team and figure out what division they should be placed in. Once the divisions are created the league filters itself out as each week teams that win will play against other teams that win and teams that lose will play against other teams that have lost. At the end of the season new divisions are created based on the league standings and teams compete against the most comparable teams in their age group in a battle for the league title!

We are the only organization that runs a competitive basketball league year round with seasons running every fall, winter, spring and summer. Our leagues have grown larger every season with more and more teams competing.

Get your team together and see how good you are by competing in one of our Hoop Leagues. We are proud to offer more games, more competition, and the lowest price around.

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Hoop League Pricing

12 Game Package $615
Drop In Games: $50/game

Spring Hoop League

Apr. 7–May 20
Spring Shootout Tournament: Apr. 7–8 | One day tournament–three games
League: Apr. 14–15, Apr. 21–22 and May 5–6
Droppin Dimes Tournament: May 19–20 | Two day tournament–three game guarantee

Division Game Days

Saturday Games
Frosh Boys, Frosh/ JV Boys, JV/ Varsity Boys, Varsity Boys, Grade 4–5 Girls, Grade 5–6 Girls and Grade 7–8 Girls.

Sunday Games
Grade 3 Boys, Grade 3–4 Boys, Grade 4–5 Boys, Grade 5–6 Boys, Grade 6–7 Boys, Grade 7–8 Boys and Grade 8 Boys.

Contact Mandy Evans, Program Director for League information. 

Future Seasons

Summer Hoop League

June 16–July 22, 2018

Summer Shootout Tournament: June 16–17
League: June 23–24, July 7–8, July 14–15
Summer Showcase Tournament: July 21–22

Register for grade you will be entering 2018–2019 school year.

Fall Hoop League

Sept. 22–23

Fall Shootout Tournament: Sept. 22–23
League: Sept. 29–30, Oct. 6–7 and Oct. 13–14
Fall Fastbreak Tournament: Oct. 20–21

Register for grade you will be entering 2018–2019 school year.