Youth Programs at the Y

The Y nurtures the potential of every child and teen by supporting their unique youth development journey through holistic programming. Whether the program is Preschool, After School Enrichment, or Youth & Government, our staff are committed to helping youth set and achieve their goals and explore their passions.


From cradle to career, the Y is committed to empowering future generations.


The Y has programming options year round for your youth or teen.


The Y has program locations across the Portland and Vancouver Metro area.

Youth Programs Programs

YMCA Infant Relaxing

Early Childhood Development

Our Child Development Centers focus on stages of development to help each child learn and thrive.
Smiling little girl standing at ping pong table with a ping pong paddle in hand with other people around her also playing ping pong

Before and After School Childcare

Our offer on-site programs that are safe & convenient extensions to the school learning experience.
Youth boys playing chess in after school program

After School Enrichment Classes

A wide range of after-school enrichment classes with athletic and non-athletic options.
Teens taking a selfie

Young Adult/Teen Programs

Our Young Adult and Teen Programs are meant to engage and inspire the next generation
dance girl

Youth Dance

Learn dance in a welcoming and inclusive environment
Come for the activities.
Discover the Community.