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The Y Time program is more than just caring for children; it’s an opportunity to learn, create, play, and grow. Our highly trained and caring staff are committed to service and child development excellence. 

Y Time staff will welcome your child in a warm and safe environment.

With a wide range of activities to stimulate your child’s creativity, self-esteem, and independence, our values-based program will help young children learn essential social, physical, and intellectual building blocks for children one to 12 years. 

Y Time

Monthly Schedule

As a mission-driven program, we strive to teach our Y Time participants the value of our principles. We incorporate a different principle into our teaching, interactions, and activities with children each month.  

January and September | Responsibility 
February and June | Love 
March and October | Honesty 
April and December | Service 
May and November | Respect 
July and August | All Five Values 

Honoring Deanne Marie Busch

To honor the life and living memory of Deanne Marie Busch, the area used for Y Time has been dedicated to her memory as the "Deanne Busch Sunshine Rooms."

Deanne worked for the YMCA for 10+ years here in Sherwood and in her home state of Illinois. Her dedication to the YMCA mission was clear in every interaction she had with members, youth, and co-workers. Deanne cared for people as if they were part of her family.

We saw the impact she had in the lives she touched, and we strive to show her same love to people. We are honored she was part of our YMCA family.

Important Information

Household memberships may register for one (1) Y Time spot each day they choose. Each youth member has 2 hours per day they may use.

Register for a time through your member account. Select "Schedule a Visit", then select "Y Time". Y Time is available for children 1–10 years old. Every child must be registered individually to be on the roster.  

Y Time is in the Beaverton Youth Development Center. Entry is located on right side of the building. 

8:30 AM–11:30 AM

Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Household memberships may utilize this drop-in service during scheduled Y Time hours – no registration needed.*

Y Time is available for children ages 2-8 years old for a maximum of 2 hours each day per child.

*First-time participants will need to complete a brief registration process to establish a profile.

Monday – Thursday 
9:00 AM – 12:30 PM
5:15 PM – 7:45 PM


9:00 AM – 12:30 PM


Household memberships may register for one (1) Y Time spot each day they choose. Each youth member has 2 hours per day they may use.

Times become available for registration on Thursday evenings at 6 PM the week before. Y Time is available for children 1–12 years old. Every child must be registered individually to be on the roster.  

*Children must be registered each week to be enrolled in Y Time. 

8:15 AM-11:30
4 PM–7 PM


  1. Plan a few extra minutes to sign-in.
  2. Reservations are required. Please follow the link to get started.  

  1. Parents must remain in the facility while child is signed into our care.
  2. There is a strict limit of two hours per day per child to play in Y Time. 
  3. The parent signing in must have a mobile phone with them so they can receive text alerts as needed. 
  4. Children must be kept home if they have a sore throat, colored mucous, fever, diarrhea, shot reactions, or vomiting. If your child appears sick, you will be asked to take them home. Staff will make the decision as to whether or not the child is too sick to remain in Y Time. 
  5. Y Time is a food-free zone. Milk for babies is the only exception. Please, no nut milks. 
  6. Parents are not allowed past the gate in Y Time. 
  7. Parents are asked to change their child’s diaper or take their child to the bathroom before signing into Y Time. 
  8. Staff members will not change diapers. Parents will be sent a text alert requesting them to come and change their child’s diaper. 

  1. Closed toe shoes are required for all children over the age of one year or any mobile children younger than one year. 
  2. Children must stay in their appropriate age group while in Y Time. 
  3. No personal items such as toys, blankets, or electronics may be brought into Y Time. Label all belongings and hang outside on hooks. 
  4. Y Time has a zero tolerance for biting, hitting, and bullying. Both sets of parents will be informed. Y Time staff reserve the right to send a child home. If behavior continues, supervisor will meet with parents to discuss further action. 
  5. Children who appear ill or become sick will be asked to return home until they are better. 
  6. Staff will redirect unkind behaviors. If redirection doesn't work, the parent will be sent a text alert. 
  7. Children potty training must wear a Pull Up while in Y Time. 
  8. If an accident occurs, the parent must fully change child’s clothes and shoes or remove the child from Y Time. 

  1. It is okay and normal for a child to cry the first time they are dropped off. Most children become actively engaged within 10–15 minutes after a parent leaves. If the child does not feel comfortable after that amount of time, staff will send a text alert to the parent. 
  2. Stay positive. If you are apprehensive about leaving your child, they will feed off your emotions. If they sense that you are afraid or upset, they will be too. 
  3. Always say goodbye! Sneaking out after drop off will make the transition harder because your child eventually will look around to find you have gone and may panic. 
  4. Stay consistent, and keep coming. A new place can be scary. Once they have adjusted to Y Time, it will become an enjoyable experience for them and you. 
  5. You may check in with staff (out of the child’s sight) for your own sense of comfort after saying goodbye but don’t re-enter the room if your child is crying or has not calmed down after you said your goodbye. It will help your child learn to adjust to the separation and learn to be comforted by staff.
A young family of four sits under a tree in the grass

Justin and Allayne, Members at Sherwood Regional Family YMCA

We don’t have babysitters. We don’t need them. When it comes to our kids, we trust the staff at the Y.

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