Because playing sports builds character

Sports can be a positive experience for your kid’s mind as well as their body. Many positive aspects of growth can result from sports participation including higher self-esteem, social skills, discipline and respect for others.

Our philosophy is “Everybody Plays, Everybody Wins!” YMCA sports programs are generally organized by age.

Outdoor Spring Soccer

Youth Soccer is a co-ed team sport. Enjoy this time for your young athlete to have fun and learn the basic skills of soccer. Practices as listed games are on Saturdays. Schedule will be shared Apr. 5. Teams will be shared by Apr. 5. Parent participation encouraged and coaches wanted.

League Dates: Apr. 6–May 22
Ages: 3–4, 5–6, 7–8 
Games: All games played on Saturdays
Location: The Ridges Elementary School — 21472 SW Copper Terrace, Sherwood, OR 97140   
Field: Center of the track 
Coaches: Parents and Volunteer 

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