Open Door Program

Ensuring Access
for All

At the Y, our mission is to strengthen the community by promoting collective efforts in investing in our children, health, and neighbors and through our core values of youth development, healthy living, and social responsibility.

With that in mind, we proudly provide the Open Door Program, granting qualifying families, children, and adults access to quality Health and Wellness services, Youth Programs, and Child Care.

If you'd like to find out if you qualify for assistance with membership and/or program fees, please complete our online request form. Assistance is available for members and non-members of the YMCA.

Apply to the Open Door Program

Applications that do not have all the required documentation attached will experience a delay in processing. Please allow up to 5-10 business days for your application to be processed.


Beaverton Family YMCA

  • 9685 SW Harvest Ct, Beaverton, OR 97005
  • P 503.644.2191
  • F 503.644.0936
  • Email:

Clark County Family YMCA

  • 11324 NE 51st Cir, Vancouver, WA 98682
  • P 360.885.9622
  • F 360.885.8383
  • Email:

Sherwood Regional Family YMCA

  • 23000 SW Pacific Hwy, Sherwood, OR 97140
  • P 503.625.9622
  • F 503.625.1473
  • Email:

Camp Collins

  • 3001 SE Oxbow Parkway, Gresham, OR 97080
  • P 503.663.5813
  • F 503.663.2323
  • Email:

Youth Development/Childcare

  • P 503.221.5340
  • F 503.946.5009




Who is eligible, and how is the amount determined?

Anyone is welcome to request assistance. The amount granted is based on the review of the required documentation provided by the applicant. We use a sliding scale based on total household income and the number of household members. Our program reduces fees but does not eliminate them.

What does the YMCA consider income?

We ask that applicants list all types of income. Wages, Tips, Retirement, Social Security (SS), Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Disability, Unemployment, Temporary Assistance for Need Families (TANF), Child Support, Alimony, Housing Assistance, Food Stamps, etc. Please remember to count the income of anyone living in your household and contributing to household expenses such as rent, utilities, or groceries.

Can my assistance be applied to past programs or memberships?

The YMCA does not retroactively apply assistance to past registrations or memberships. 

How will I know if I qualify?

After your request has been processed, a notification email will be sent to the email address listed on the request form. Your account will be updated for program registration, if you would like to use the member price for program registration, please make sure your membership is active. To activate your membership, please stop by your local branch to set it up.  Please allow up to 5-10 business days for your application to be processed. 

What is the renewal process?

Active Members: A renewal email will be sent out 30 days prior to the expiration date, prompting you to renew.

Program Only Use: You will need to reapply prior to your expiration date, which can be found on your online YMCA account.

What kind of documentation do I need?

Below is a list of acceptable documents for income verification. 

  • Wages
  • Unemployment
  • SSI/SSD Letter 
  • Food Stamps
  • Child Support and/or Alimony
  • Housing Assistance
  • Student Loans
  • Additional sources of income 
  • A Reduced/Free Lunch Letter is also an acceptable form of income verification.