On-Demand Activities

On-Demand Activities

Let's Play and Learn

Time away from the Y is still an important time for kids and families. Check out these resources to help keep your children and family connected and engaged all year long.

Check back daily for updated resources!

Back Float

Improve your back float form at home with this simple activity.

Mikan Drill

A minute long drill for practicing your layups.

Fantastic Foamy Fountain

Try this foamy home science experiment with on a few common ingredients from your pantry.

Pigs In A Blanket

Try this quick and easy cooking project at home with your little chef.

Form Shooting

Learn the B.E.E.F form shooting drill with Coach Collin.

No Matter What

Small, a little fox, seeks reassurance that Large will always provide love—no matter what.

Ball Balance

How can balancing a ball on your back improve your swim skills? Find out.

Penguin Song

Have you ever seen a penguin come to tea? If you come with me, a penguin you shall see!

Butterfly Arm Movement

Improve your butterfly form with this quick exercise.

Craft a Colorful Fish

Follow this tutorial for creating a paper fish with colorful scales.

Dive Movement

Get off the starting blocks right with proper form.

Front Leg Crawl Movement

Perfect your leg movements without a drop of water.

Frog in a Bog

A frog in the bog grows larger and larger as he eats more and more bugs, until he attracts the attention of an alligator who puts an end to his eating.

Front Float

Try this activity on land or in the bathtub with a small amount of water.

Itsy Bitsy Spider

Join your Y Time friends for this classic song.

Glide Hold

Master this quick exercise for overall better swim form.