Tigard Recreation for Everyone



Raise the money necessary to purchase land and community recreation center. To be operated and maintained by the YMCA.

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We strive to provide family friendly recreation facilities by offering health, education, physical fitness and senior services under one roof for everyone. 


  • Meet recreation needs with focus on youth, family and active adult activities
  • Support community gathering activities and events
  • Collaboration building and partnerships that bring community together
  • Provide affordable and competitive diverse recreation activities and services
  • Raise funds and seek grants for the health and financially disparaged population 

Program Goals, Objectives and Values 

  • Volunteer and job Internship opportunities
  • Provide a supervised after school safe space for kids and teens
  • Universal swim facilities and programs for all ages
  • Healthy lifestyle education and activities
  • Provide a multi-functional community facility
  • Recreational programs and services for all abilities, interests and fitness levels
  • Membership Assistance for those in need
  • Build program solutions specifically focused on childhood obesity

Committee Members

Marc T. Woodard, Founder
Jan. 1, 2016 
Chair | 4/19/19–Present  | 2/26/18–7/30/18
Co-Chair | 1/28/19–4/19/19
Secretary | 1/28/19–Present 
Committee Member | 7/31/18–1/28/19

Patti Atkins
Co-Chair | 4/19/19–Present
Chair | 10/29/18–4/19/19
Committee Member | 6/18/18–10/29/18

Marland Henderson, Founder
Jan.1, 2016
Committee Member | 1/28/19–Present 
Secretary | 3/5/18–1/28/19

Connie Ramaekers
Nov. 1, 2017
Treasurer | 2/26/18–Present

Neal Brown, Founder
Jan. 1, 2016
Committee Member | 1/28/19–Present
Chair | 7/30/18–10/29/19
Co-Chair | 2/26/18–7/31/18 

Past Committee Members

Bill Monohan
Committee Member | 8/23/17–8/13/18

Holly Polivka
Feb. 26, 2018–Apr. 30, 2018

Merdith Murphy
Through March 2018