Is your youth looking for a fun, team-building and competitive way to increase their swimming abilities? There are two Swim Teams. One team is at the Clark County Family YMCA, and the other at the Sherwood Regional Family YMCA. Both of these teams practice and teach commitment, dedication, time management and leadership skills daily. Then we have training groups that fit each individual’s ability and goals. Through the sport of swimming, we encourage ideals such as honesty, integrity, hard work, self-discipline, self-esteem, organizational skills, teamwork and excellent sportsmanship.

Tornadoes Swim Team at Clark County, Vancouver WA
We believe that all deserve the opportunity to enjoy the fun and competition that swim teams offer. When the competitive drive kicks in, join the Tornadoes Swim Team, which is offered at our Y through a community partnership with the Tornadoes and is available for both Youth and Masters teams.

Tornadoes swim team is a member of USA Swimming and Oregon Swimming, Inc. The swim team trains and competes year-round—both short–and long-course swim seasons—provide qualified coaching and individualized swimmer development to athletes age 6–18, and delivers results.

The Tornadoes coaches and families provide a supportive atmosphere that allows each swimmer to attain their highest potential.

For more information, or if you are interested in joining the Tornadoes Swim Team, please contact Coach Sophia at 360.609.1030. Or, you can schedule a tryout with the team with Coach Megan.

Further Your Skills in the Water

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