Whether you want to strengthen up, lose weight or eat better, these camps are for you. Exercisers of all types and fitness levels will have fun and meet their goals. These fitness camps will help to strengthen and build muscle endurance. 

Clark County Family YMCA

Fitness Camps

Get motivated with your workout routine! These small group fitness camps offer participants the enthusiasm and encouragement of a team environment while still getting personalized attention and fitness routines tailored to their specific goals under the direction of our personal training staff. Camps run throughout the year in 4, 5, or 6 week sessions. Each camp gives you a one hour session per week with your small group and personal trainer.Do you need motivation? Join a fitness camp team—led by one of our certified personal trainers—to push yourself and your team towards your goals.

Upcoming July Fitness Camps


Better Strength Through Boxing | July 8

Build Boxing skills and strength with this total body workout that challenges endurance, core and cardio ability. Led by Bonnie on Mondays at 7 PM–8 PM, starts July 8.

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Total Body Conditioning Circuit | July 10

Challenge your cardio-respiratory system, muscle strength, and overall conditioning while you tone, tighten, and tire your entire body. Led by Bonnie on Wednesdays, 7 PM–8 PM, starts July 10.

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Sherwood Regional Family YMCA

Strength Training For Women

Progressive approach to strength building and definition through machine, free weights and own body weight mediums. 

Traditional & Interval Style Boot Camp

Cardio and strength conditioning through a variety of free weights, machines and traditional boot camp drills. Sessions utilize both indoor and outdoors—weather dependent. Members should be free of physical limitations, which could prevent running/ walking fast, jumping and lunging. Four to six participants per group. 

TRX Suspension and Ropes

Functional exercises that build strength, flexibility, core stability and endurance. TRX suspension training harnesses your own bodyweight to create resistance as you workout. TRX allows you to adjust the degree of difficulty regardless of your fitness level, age or goals. 

Personal Training

Looking for some focused help on achieving your fitness goals? Sign up for our personal training at one of our three health and wellness locations to set goals and learn how to reach them.