Scholarship Needs

Scholarship Needs

Changing Outcomes, Improving Communities

Children who participate in safe, high-quality enrichment programs are more engaged in school, exhibit better behavior, and achieve higher grades and test scores. We provide services that help families move beyond barriers to employment and continuing education. We help families gain access to quality child care.

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YMCA Child Care Benefits

  • Provide safe, quality child care
  • Develop early learning readiness
  • Provide educational support
  • Connect families to resources
  • Offer community based programs
  • Promote healthy eating
  • Encourage physical activity

Never Enough

  • Sixty-two percent of parents with infants and preschool age children struggle to find affordable, reliable child care in their communities
  • More than half of all three and four year-olds don't attend preschool despite expert research that shows children's brains develop rapidly during these early years
  • Every day, one in four children is left unsupervised after school, putting him or her at a higher risk of negative influences, behaviors and actions
  • The number of children and families living in poverty continues to grow and once reliable paths to self-sufficiency are now littered with obstacles and barriers
  • Every day, our community faces new challenges that create a greater need for children and families to have access to quality child care

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Please consider the gift of a scholarships, so more families can access quality, affordable child care.

Memorial Scholarships

Learn about the Heather Jean Fitzsimmons Memorial Scholarship.