Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Your Questions. Our Answers. 

What would it cost to have my child at your YMCA Child Development Center?

For information about our costs please select a Child Development Center and view the rates. Please note there is also a registration fee, which is listed.

Are there full and half day options?

We offer both full and half day options for many of our multi day programs. More information can be found when you select a Child Development Center and view the rates.

Can my child attend a few days a week versus all week?

Yes, there are multiple options for two, three, four and five days a week.

Do you currently have space available for my child?

Please contact a Child Development Center for information about current space availability at a convenient location near you.

What hours are you open?

Hours vary between centers, so check out the Child Development Center you are interested in.

Do you offer financial assistance?

Yes, we provide scholarships to qualified families that otherwise could not afford the full cost of quality child care. For more information, visit Financial Assistance.

Could you tell me about your curriculum?

We focus on how children develop and learn, based on their individual interests, the learning environment and the role of a teacher. At the YMCA we use Creative Curriculum at our centers.

What can you tell me about the meals my child will be served as well as the physical activities they will participate in?

At the YMCA we follow Healthy Eating Physical Activity (HEPA) standards in conjunction with United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) guidelines. Used collectively we are able to guide healthy eating, good nutrition and physical activity. To learn more, visit Healthy Choices.

What are your staffs' qualifications?

We hire nurturing and dedicated staff who are required to seek out training and/or educational professional opportunities in the child care field and are encouraged to share their experience and knowledge with their peers through group trainings, staff meetings and mentoring.

We hire staff after completing a background and criminal history check. Our staff receive continuous training and education, have CPR and first aid training, and are held to the highest YMCA standard of conduct. We meet State licensing standards and follow State staff/child ratio guidelines. Our class sizes are often smaller than those guidelines require.

What is your Early Childhood Development philosophy?

We value the unique partnership parents and center staff to collectively advance a child’s potential. Through the shared efforts of staff and family we believe this diverse community will influence a child’s success for a lifetime.

Do you have immunization data that you can share with me?

Yes, here’s our Immunization Data.