Specialty Camps

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The camps below are week-long day camps that focus on a specific area of interest, like sports, the arts, or science! Kids grow, build skills and gain confidence in a safe, values-based environment under the supervision of trained Y staff. Specialty camps develop specific interests of campers giving them additional opportunities to build a healthier spirit, mind and body all year long. We can help your kids create memories that will last a lifetime.

Sports Camps

YMCA Sports Camps blend skill development, fun activities and great games for all-day fun. With camps ranging from soccer to rugby and basketball to rock climbing, campers will focus on technique, strategy and individual and team development.

Trained Y coaches create an inclusive atmosphere that promotes sportsmanship, healthy activity, friendship and fun. Kids of all skill levels and abilities can choose from a variety of sports to explore this summer in week-long camps.


This specialty camp is designed to teach kids the fundamentals of the game. Participants will learn how to catch, throw and bat in a fun team atmosphere.

Laurelhurst Elementary School

We offer two week-long baseball camps at Laurelhurst School for youth in grades 2–5.


Passing, ball handling, shooting and defending. Players participate in fun games and drills designed to improve their skills in all these areas. Cool sweat bands and victory dance are not required. 

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We offer a week-long basketball camp at Laurelhurst School for youth in grades 2–5.


Kids play this school yard favorite in several variations. For youth in Kindergarten to grade 5.

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All classes are taught in a fun, safe environment using progressive skill instruction. Every day emphasizes balance, strength, coordination along with positive encouragement from our Y staff.

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Flag Football

Whether it’s your first time playing or you come onto the field with many seasons under your orange Velcro belt, you’ll have a great time. Open for all abilities.

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Floor Hockey

This camp uses the skills players already know and works to develops them. It will also allow new kids the chance to learn the basics of floor hockey including puck handling, shooting and passing as well as basic game rules. 

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Half Day Fitness

This camp will focus on increasing speed and agility through fitness, games and drills.

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Ball skills and footwork will be emphasized in this Touch Rugby League while introducing the concepts and basics of the game of rugby. A great introductory course instructed by former players.

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Today YMCA Camp, tomorrow Providence Park with the Timbers. Participants will have fun learning and improving the fundamentals of soccer through challenging skills drills and activities.

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Laurelhurst Elementary School

We offer a week-long soccer camp at Laurelhurst School for youth in grades 2–5.


Bump, set and spike your way through one of the most popular sports around. Give us a week and these basic drills and skills will be second nature.

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All Ball

Campers will enjoy a wide variety of outdoor sports in this camp (kickball, flag football, handball, etc). We will switch games throughout each day and diversify our sporting palate.

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All Sorts of Sports

Campers will enjoy a wide variety of outdoor sports in this camp (kickball, flag football, handball, etc). We will switch games throughout each day and diversify our sporting palate. This camp will be held outdoors on the Rolling Hills Field Space. Kids in Kindergarten through grade 5.

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Campers will come home tired as we play game after game in this camp. Be prepared for anything from tag games to soccer to water play. This camp will be held outdoors on the Rolling Hills field space. Kids in Kindergarten through grade 5.

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Racket Sports

For campers who prefer individual sports, racket sports are a fun option. It improves speed, agility and hand-eye coordination skills that are beneficial for all kinds of sports. It improves leg strength, gross and fine motor skills, agility and flexibility, all while incorporating cardiovascular exercise. Racket sports will include pickle ball, badminton and racquetball. 

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Rock Climbing

Campers will learn how to stay safe while climbing, how to put their harness on, tie knots and learn what the equipment is called and its proper use. Build their individual strength and learn how to conquer challenges.

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Ultimate Sports

You've played basketball and soccer, it's time to step up your game to Ultimate Sports. Do you have what it takes to play them all? Dodgeball, floor hockey, lacrosse, wall ball. For all you traditional sports fans we'll play some of your favorites like baseball, football and soccer too.

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Steam Camps

Kids in our STEAM—science, technology, engineering, art and math—camps participate in hands-on inquiry based activities that will allow them to explore their world, create new things, all while having fun and making new friends at summer camp. Kids will learn to problem solve, develop critical-thinking, work in teams, develop self-confidence and dream of a career focused on STEAM. 

Kids of all skill levels and abilities can choose from a variety of STEAM programs to explore this summer in week-long camps.Together we can inspire the next generation to love STEM!


Whether you're a Drama Queen or King of Comedy, this camp is a mix of dramatic, comedic and improvisational acting. Who knows, maybe a star will be born. Maybe that star is you! We also offer a Mary Poppins themed Glee Club. For kids ages 4–12, depending on the camp.

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Brush up on your art skills in this arts and crafts class. Kids will find their inner artist and keep their creativity sharp this summer as we design many mementos to be treasured.

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Clay Camp

Clay Camp offers a fun environment for young artists grades 2 - 5 to explore new techniques and express their artistic talents. Campers will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of different art mediums during these week long sessions. For kids entering grades 2–5.

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Our cooking camps have a variety of themes but all teach basic cooking skills, kitchen safety, and simple recipes kids can make at home. Camps include Chefs in Training, Chefs around the World, Storybook Chefs, Baking and more.

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Chillin' and Grillin' Adventure Day Camp

Children will explore a combination of weekly field trips with a range of fun-filled themes. Locations vary, but children should be at site by 9 AM in order to participate in all activities. For kids entering grades 1–5.

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Computer coding is a fun and exciting craft. Participants will be introduced to computer coding in a variety of ways depending on the camp chosen. Camper can develop their own games, or build various projects—like robots, cats and guitars—then they will create unique code to make their projects come to life.

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Need to find your groove? We offer various dance camps which include Hip Hop, Marry Poppins Glee, and dance. Learn new dance moves through games and instruction. No experience necessary. Just rhythm and soul. Post camp week, be ready to step onto the dance floor with no concerns.

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This camp will rev up that inventive spirit! Each day we'll have a new design challenge to solve—some are just for fun and others tackle real world problems. Kids will design, test, and tweak their inventions while working through the scientific method. Sample challenges include a confetti launcher, a car that can be powered without a motor, or a speedy emergency shelter. The sky's the limit with a little creativity!

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Campers will unleash their creativity and work together to design and build different structures based on the week's theme. Lego camps include Superhero, Into the Wild, Coding with Lego, Lego Engineering and more!

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Star Wars

Join us as we travel to a galaxy far, far away! Participants begin the week as Padawans who are preparing to begin their Jedi training. Throughout the week, these Padawans are challenged through daily Star Wars themed crafts, games, and other activities.

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