Bob Hall

Bob Hall’s Y story is one of longevity, service mindedness and intentionality toward the missional work of the Y.

Bob’s Y journey began in 1985 when he came on staff as the CFO. The Christian mission, history and heritage of the YMCA drew him in further as he began his career. Although staying at the Y for a career was not his original intention, the more he got involved, the more his heart grew for the purpose of the Y and the more he knew this is where he belonged.

Bob’s career with the Y, before he became CEO, grew through a variety of roles. He oversaw branches as their interim Executive Director, supervisor and Operations Officer. His involvement in various pieces of the Y has helped him understand the impact and reach of our resources.

The passionate people who surrender their time to help further the mission of the Y continually please and surprise Bob. He is inspired by those who are committed to what they believe in, and who are willing to put their “time, talent and treasure behind [their beliefs], no matter if they are staff or volunteers.” 

Watching individuals enrich the lives of those in the community is gratifying to Bob’s personal mission and the mission of the Y. His goal—since he began—is to have a continued emphasis on the Christian mission and purpose. Bob’s primary objective is for more and more people to encounter the Gospel through the work of the Y—building up great opportunities to serve in the coming years. Through his time at the Y, Bob wants to see it upheld, advanced and implemented. He hopes to reach that goal through continual service to people through increasing programs and “adding more chaplains, to meet the emotional and spiritual needs of our community.” Bob aspires to see the organization continue to be an “influence for good and righteousness in the world.” 

“The Y has endured over time because we are relevant—we give people what they need and what they ask for.” 

Through the 150th anniversary, Bob desires to introduce those who do not know the Y, to our missional purpose and commitment for a healthy spirit, mind and body. 

Category: Y Stories
Aug. 30, 2018