Get acquainted to workout safely

Become acquainted with our facilities and make connections. For youth ages 14 and under we provide basic training and information needed to use our equipment safely and effectively. For members 14 and older we provide a Kickstart session with one of our trained wellness staff. 

Kickstart Program Orientation

As a new member, each person 14 and older can receive a goal setting session with one of our trained wellness staff. We can help set you on a path to attain your fitness goals. Complete our Kickstart form and a Wellness Coach will connect with you.

Equipment & Facility Usage

Before you use our equipment, we want to ensure you know how to use it safely and effectively. While in our fitness centers, please remember to:

  • Be Courteous—be mindful of others waiting

  • Don’t rest on a machine between sets

  • Allow others to perform a set while you rest

  • Raise and lower weights in smooth, fluent motions

  • Do not bang weights

  • Gently set down free weights and dumbbells

  • Always return weights to their proper storage areas when finished

  • Wipe off machines and equipment when finished

  • Be Safe

    • Use a spotter when lifting heavy weight loads

    • Use collars (safety clips) when using barbells

    • If you are unsure how to use equipment, ask for assistance

  • Facilities are for YMCA members & registered guests only

  • Proper exercise attire: footwear (closed toe shoes) must be worn at all times, shirts required, and denim is not allowed on the workout machines 

  • No horseplay

  • Children under 12 must be supervised at all times

Pool Rules & Guidelines

Swim Test

We have a Swim Test for kids to ensure they can use our pools outside of swim lessons. Children will receive color-coded wristbands for their ability to swim in different areas of our pool. 

Blue Band—Lap Pool 

Blue Band Test

  1. 50 yd front crawl stroke with rhythmic breathing.
  2. Float on their back for 30 seconds
  3. Tread water for 30 seconds

Privileges: Access to lap pool and entire Rec Pool

Green Band—Deep Water

Green Band Test                  

  1. Swim the width of the recreational pool 2 lengths unassisted without rest using crawl-stroke, with arms coming out of the water and face in the water.
  2. Turn on their back, float 30 seconds.
  3. Tread water for 30 seconds.

Privileges: Access to entire Rec Pool

Yellow Band—Shallow Water

Yellow Band Test

  1. Child must be at least 46” at armpit level to receive a yellow band without a swim test.

  2. Swim the width of the recreational pool one length unassisted without rest using crawl-stroke, with arms coming out of the water and face in the water.

Privileges: Must stay in the shallow end of rec pool.

Red Band—Non Swimmers

Swimmers that do not pass the yellow band—shallow water test—or who refuse to take the test are considered non-swimmers. Non-swimmers, regardless of age, must stay in water that is armpit deep or less and require active adult supervision.