Discover the Wonder of Water

When it comes to swimming and water safety, no one is trusted more than the YMCA, America's swim instructor. In fact, group swim instruction was developed by the YMCA in 1906.

The YMCA swim lesson curriculum is designed to teach this lifelong skill to children of all skill levels in a safe environment. 

Preschool Levels | Ages 3–5

Preschool Level 1—Water Acclimation

A beginning class for children with limited or no swimming experience to become comfortable in the water. This class will introduce following directions in a group setting, blowing bubbles, bobbing to safety and submerging underwater independently. This is a 28 minute class.  

Preschool Level 2—Water Movement

A beginning class for children who have completed Preschool 1 or who are very comfortable in the water and able to submerge independently. This class will reinforce basic skills learned in Preschool 1 while teaching them to float without assistance, kick and glide. This is a 28 minute class.

Prerequisites: Must submerge independently.

Preschool Level 3—Water Stamina/Stroke Introduction

An intermediate class for swimmers who are able to float independently, and kick and glide with minimal support. This class will emphasize independence by teaching glides with kicking, front crawl and back crawl. This is a 28 minute class.

Prerequisites: Roll from front float to back float without assistance and glide with minimal support.

Preschool Level 4—Stroke Introduction

An advanced class for swimmers who can glide with kicks two to three body lengths independently, and can front crawl two to three body lengths with minimum support. This class will emphasize front crawl and back crawl, introduce side-breathing, and reinforce water safety through treading water and elementary backstroke. This is a 40 minute class.

Prerequisites: Glide with kicks independently for two to three body lengths, front crawl two to three body lengths with minimal support.

Pricing and Registration 30–40 Minute Lesson Schedule Morning Lesson Schedule

What to bring?

Swimming Attire
Most bathing suits and swim trunks are acceptable. We ask that you make sure that your child’s swimwear fits snugly so it will not hinder any movement. Children should not attend swim lessons with any type of built-in flotation.

Swim Caps
If your child is prone to chill, a swim cap may help. We welcome and encourage this! For swimmers with long hair, we ask that it be tied back away from the face with a rubber band so it does not interfere with learning to breathe. *No metal clips please—they can fall out in the water and cause rust-stains on our pool bottom.

For the beginner swimmer, goggles can present a false sense of safety. If your swimmer feels that they need goggles, they may bring them. If you do not have goggles we have some you may borrow.

Please bring your own towel to the lesson

Swim Lesson Rules and Policies

General Information
If your child is not independent or confident enough to use the universal bathroom independently, you must remain on deck through the duration of the lesson. Please remain in the spectator area throughout the lesson so the pool deck is clear for lifeguard and swim instructor use. Parents must remain in the building at all times while their child is in swim lessons.

Arrival Time
On the first day of lessons, come 10 minutes early so you can check in and pay at the front desk. For the rest of the session it is important to be on the pool deck and ready to go five minutes before your lesson time. Please allow plenty of time before class to get dressed, use the restroom, etc. For safety reasons, please do not let children sit poolside.

Cancellation/Sick Policy
If you or your child are ill, please stay at home. This is in the best interest of their health as well as the health of the instructor. Unfortunately, non-attendance for any reason does not entitle you to a refund or a makeup class. We will make every attempt to offer a credit for pool closures due to unforeseen events. Unfortunately, alternate makeup classes cannot be offered, nor does non-attendance to a make-up class entitle you to a refund.

For questions please email Ben Nevills or Tiffany Carey