Due to COVID-19 restrictions in Washington county, we aren't currently able to offer Youth Fitness orientations.

This program is designed to teach youth how to safely use exercise equipment while at the Y.

Youth Fitness Policy

Youth under 14 years of age are not permitted in the weight/cardio areas unless they have completed the Teen Strength Training or Youth Cardio Orientation. Youth in the Fitness Training Areas must be accompanied or under the direct supervision of a parent or responsible adult at all times. All youth must wear their Teen Strength or Youth Cardio Badge at all times while in the Fitness Training Area. 

Youth Cardio Orientation

This orientation is for ages 8–14 and will teach proper warm up, cool down and stretching as well as use of the cardio machines upstairs. Once this is completed youths issued a wrist band each time you enter the facility and can work out upstairs with parents until age 14.  The wrist band must be worn when using the equipment. 

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Youth Strength Training

This is a 60 minute appointment for ages 12+ that teaches how to use the selectorized strength equipment upstairs. Upon completion youth will be be issued a issued a wrist band each time you enter the facility and can work out upstairs with parents until age 14 and are able to work out on their own  The wrist band must be worn when using the equipment.  

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Benefits of Youth Fitness Training 

  • Learn strength training and aerobic exercise techniques
  • Learn how to develop a workout
  • Learn how to use recommended age-appropriate equipment
  • Learn character values of the Y and fitness room etiquette
  • Learn components of a well-rounded, safe workout (warm-up, strength/cardio, cool-down, flexibility)