Sherwood Semi-Private and Private Swim Lessons

Sherwood Semi-Private and Private Swim Lessons

Improve Your Skills in the Water

The Sherwood Family YMCA offers private and semi-private lessons for individuals who are looking for a one on one instruction that is more focused on the swimmers’ goals and skills. Our private lessons are great for beginning swimmers who need more work on water acclimation and basic skills and for swimmers who need personal attention to fine-tune their techniques.We currently work with youth who are afraid of the water, need to work on skills to pass to the next levels, and are preparing for swim team. We help adults learn how to swim, improve their techniques for sport or fitness, or who need to pass a water based test. Connect with us to discuss how we can best meet your needs.


Member Prices

  1 Lesson  
Member $30  
Semi-private (billed per-swimmer) $20  

Non-member Prices

  1 Lesson  
Non-member $45  
Semi-private (billed per-swimmer) $35  


We ask all participants to fill out an interest form online or onsite. An interest form does not guarantee placement in a private lesson; it only indicates potential interest. Members and participants who fill out and turn in interest forms will be put on a wait-list to be placed when there are available instructors and pool space. The process could take several months to work through, so be patient and plan ahead.

Participants with more open availability are more likely to be placed in private or semi-private lessons. Participants who are willing to book outside of typical group swim lesson times will also have an increased likelihood of being placed on the schedule as well as a greater possibility of continuing past the end of a session or through multiple sessions.

Many factors contribute to the availability of private and semi-private swim lessons including instructor availability, group lesson enrollment, and pool space. In order to be placed in a private lesson, we need to have an instructor available at an appropriate time that matches with participant availability.

Instructor Availability

Instructors typically make a seven-week commitment during the school year or a two-week commitment during the summer season. School year commitments are usually twice-per-week for instructors while summer programs typically run Monday through Thursday. We also offer both group and private/semi-private lessons on weekends.

Group Lesson Enrollment

Private and semi-private lessons are scheduled according to the group swim lesson schedule. If there are a number of group lessons that do not run or we have an overabundance of swim instructors available, then the number of available private and semi-private swim lessons increases. If we have a shortage of instructors and/or if group lessons are filled, then the number of available private and semi-private swim lessons decreases.

Pool Space

We have a number of programs that use the pool during a typical day, and we seek to use this community resource in a way that will be a benefit to all of the diverse groups that use our facility. In order to meet the needs of the widest range of participants, we reserve pool space at certain times of the day for certain programs, and this also affects private and semi-private lesson availability.

We offer private and semi-private swim lessons to members and the community because it is a perceived need. As a Y facility, our focus is and has always been group lessons – doing the most good with the community’s resources.

Please contact the Sherwood Family YMCA Aquatics Department if you have questions.

  • We do not honor make-up lessons or refunds for lessons that are cancelled with less than 24 hours’ notice.
  • Unused Private and Semi-Private Swim Lessons expire after 90 days.


Lillie Bench
Swim Lesson Coordinator

Ben Nevills
Associate Aquatic Director

Please provide days and times that your swimmer is available.
Please provide your swimmer's goals.
Please provide any preferences for your swimmer's instructor—instructor name, gender, etc?