Town Halls, Community Polling and Future Bond Measure

Community Owned. YMCA Operated. Locally Driven.

The City of Sherwood and the YMCA are exploring a possible renovation and expansion of the Sherwood Regional Family YMCA. A Steering Committee has been formed, and is comprised of community members like you, which also includes individuals from the Sherwood YMCA and the City. The Steering Committee is discussing what a renovation and expansion might look like to meet the growing and changing needs of the community. This includes the needs of our current and future Y members and participants. 

In June 2019, we asked our members to share their ideas with us and have been reviewing and sharing that information with the City. 

In addition, architecture renderings are being created for the City, which will depict possible updates based on community discussions to date.

Town Halls

Later this summer or in early fall the City of Sherwood will host town halls, which will provide local residents the opportunity to weigh in on the architecture renderings. This also provided the community with the ability to be part of the larger conversation. We encourage you to participate. As info becomes available on days and times we will share that with you. 


In early to late fall Sherwood residents will have an opportunity to participate in a polling process, which will shape the future of the renovation and expansion, because it will be informed by the community.  

Your Voice Matters 

You can help shape the future of your YMCA. We are encouraged that the community, the City of Sherwood and the Sherwood Regional Family YMCA are embarking upon these discussions. Please join us in these conversations, so you can be part of the process, and so the Y can better serve the growing and changing needs of the local community.

We will continue to post updates about the town halls, polling, proposed renovation and expansion and future bond measure. If you more questions about this process you can contact us at sherwood@ymcacw.org.