Sherwood Recreational Center | City Council Vote

Sherwood Recreational Center | City Council Vote

City Council Negotiations 

The City of Sherwood has extended negotiations with the YMCA. On Jan. 2, the Sherwood City Council voted 7–0 in favor of signing a new contract with our association. We are very grateful for the community who supports the YMCA and its working within the City of Sherwood.

Background Story

The Sherwood City Council has discontinued contract negotiations with Health Fitness. The YMCA is currently in negotiations with the City Manager and his staff. We are pleased with the progress and we expect to have a completed contract brought to the City Council for their approval on Dec. 5. We will keep you informed of further developments.

City of Sherwood's YMCA Feasibility Study
The City of Sherwood owns the YMCA’s Sherwood facility and we have been good partners for 19 years. The City evaluated other potential providers to manage and operate the facility and its related programs, starting on Oct. 31, 2018, and developed and executed an RFP process. The City or the YMCA must give notice by Oct. 31, 2017, or the contract will automatically renew for another five years.

We applaud the City for ordering a Feasibility Study, which lists several operators with pros and cons to each. The study highlighted your YMCA in many positive ways, and provided us with the opportunity to respond and clarify several key areas.

Cover Letter to City of Sherwood

Attachment A—Study Response from Sherwood YMCA

Attachment B—Shared Services Provided by YMCA-CW

Update and Frequently Asked Questions

The YMCA continues to receive support and favor from Sherwood residents for its role in the community. In an effort to provide meaningful dialogue, we have compiled Frequently Asked Questions relating to the City of Sherwood’s Request for Proposals (RFP) to operate its Recreational and Aquatics Center.

Please see the City’s Website for complete RFP responses from all proposers.