Get acquainted to workout safely

Become acquainted with our facilities and make connections. For youth ages 14 and under we provide basic training and information needed to use our equipment safely and effectively. 

Equipment & Facility Usage

Before you use our equipment, we want to ensure you know how to use it safely and effectively. While in our fitness centers, please remember to:

  • Our Healthy Living floor is for ages 14 and up. For ages 12–13, please see Youth Strength Training

  • Be Courteous

    • Don’t rest on a machine between sets

    • Allow others to perform a set while you rest

    • Raise and lower weights in smooth, fluent motions

    • Do not bang weights

    • Gently set down free weights and dumbbells

    • Always return weights to their proper storage areas when finished

    • Wipe off machines and equipment when finished

  • Be Safe

    • Use a spotter when lifting heavy weight loads

    • Use collars (safety clips) when using barbells

    • If you are unsure how to use equipment, ask for assistance

  • Facilities are for YMCA members and registered guests only

  • Proper exercise attire: footwear (closed toe shoes) must be worn at all times, shirts required, and denim is not allowed on the workout machines 

  • No horseplay