Invest in Your Spirit, Mind and Body

Our Christian Principles are defined as love, respect, honesty, responsibility and service. It is these principles that set us apart in all that we do. More than a fitness facility or a place for children to play, our mission is to engage the entire person—spirit, mind and body—with the goal of leading them to become their best. Throughout all of our programs, intentional dialogue around these Christian principles serves to equip staff, volunteers and members in living out all that we do.


Our Chaplain and Sr. Director of Christian Mission Advancement has been tasked with ensuring that all of the programs of the Clark County Family YMCA fit within the mission of the YMCA. It is not enough to teach a child how to swim, we must also teach love, respect, honesty, responsibility and service, developing young minds so that they may reach their full potential.

Our Chaplain provides many Christian Based Programs, group counseling, individual counseling, grief counseling. We have an online prayer box, we provide spiritual direction experiences. These are just some of the many things that we do here at the Clark Y.

Back to School Backpack Giveaway

Over the past four years Chaplaincy has partnered with Rhapsody Church and held the Back to School Backpack Giveaway. We gather donated new backpacks and school supplies and give them away a few weeks before school starts to those in need. It has grown into a huge event. Without Rhapsody’s commitment to this, their willingness and ability to partner with the YMCA we would not be able to do this for our community. This year we gave out 208 backpacks in the first 28 minutes of our annual event.

Christ at Work

Christ at Work is a group of business owners and CEO’s that come together weekly for fellowship, prayer, encouragement, accountability and growth. We study God’s word and learn how to instill Christ’s teachings into our everyday lives which includes our work lives. Together they examine what it would look like if Christ owned their business and not them. How it would change the way they work with their employees, customers and constituents. There are a number of groups meeting at different times during the week. Ours meets every Friday from 1:30 PM–3 PM at the Clark County Family YMCA.

Journey to Freedom

Journey to a Life of Significance

This eight-week group encourages honest dialogue around improving self-esteem and dealing with feelings of worthlessness, disappointment and brokenness. Weekly readings and discussion offer insight to help you overcome negative thought patterns through emotional healing, affirmation and encouragement. Discover your self-worth while developing a more positive self-image by:

  • Redefining who you are and uncovering the various faces of low self-worth
  • Identifying the special gifts, talents, and potential that are unique to you as an individual  
  • Building on the foundations of self-worth to strengthen your perspective, and identify where the negative voices originated from with-in.

Journey to a New Beginning

Loss is tragic. Sometimes we lose a person we love, but sometimes we lose something else, like a relationship, financial security, dream, expectation, innocence, or even a feeling we once had. This eight-week group offers a caring place to work through the grief of any major life change. In this safe, confidential environment you can:

  • Discover how to overcome anger associated with loss
  • Work through stages of grief such as bargaining
  • Learn how to feel appropriate sadness and deal with depression
  • Understand what forgiveness and acceptance truly mean and what that looks like for you
Prayer Boxes and Team

At the Clark County Family YMCA we have locked prayer request boxes strategically located throughout our facility. These prayers are gathered by our volunteer prayer team. Our team comes together and prays over each and every request. Our Chaplain calls those that wish to be called and checks in on them. We have had hundreds of prayer requests come in and could always use additional prayers. If this is something you are feeling called to do please contact our Chaplain for additional information

Rhapsody Church Partnership

Rhapsody Church holds services every Sunday morning from 10 AM–11 AM. Rhapsody Church is an outward focused church that sees the Clark County Family YMCA as its home and wants to positively impact the lives of those that call our Y home. If you are looking for a church or just curious, give Rhapsody a try. You can come dressed to work out if you want, the Y opens at noon, and you can go right from the service to a group exercise class or workout on your own. Take the kids swimming or enjoy a pickup basketball game. For more information visit Rhapsody Church to see what they are all about.

Summer Lunch Program

Every summer there are children in our community that go hungry. These are the same kids on the hot lunch program at school and when schools let out for the summer the hot lunch program goes away. Chaplaincy partnered with SHARE and gathered volunteers to help provide free lunch to children in our community in the summer months. In the last three years, we have fed over 4000 meals to children who would have otherwise gone hungry.

Lunch is Served

June 25–Aug. 10

Monday–Friday | Noon–1 PM

Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult over the age of 18. 

Y Time: Learn & Play

Chaplaincy works directly with our Y Time staff in a very intentional way to help them be the best they can be as they work with our kids. Our Y Time staff have completed Advanced Christian Principles Training with the John Maxwell group. This has helped equip the staff to teach our Christian principles to the children in our Y Time program. On occasion you can find the Chaplain reading stories to the children that call Y Time home while their parents are working out or doing other activities at the Y. Stories range from Dr. Seuss to Shel Silverstein to Bible stories. Come check it out.

Contact our Chaplain

Roger Button, Clark County Family YMCA

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