Boys playing chess at YMCA after school program

Y at Home

During these unprecedented times, safety is our number one priority. We are offering some enrichment classes virtually.  These classes will allow kids to engage and explore while learning new skills. 

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Art Class

Kids will stir their imagination as they explore their creativity using different textures, colors and shapes to make their own masterpieces.

Cooking Class

Young chefs will learn basic cooking skills while they create some favorite recipes.

Lego Class

Students will learn to build various Lego projects from engineering dog bots & dragsters to building exploding volcanos and animals.

History Class

Students will study about different historical events.  They will do hands on projects that correlate with the event to reinforce the learning process.

Sports Classes

These classes are designed to get kids moving, active and playing. Kids will play fast paced games that promote team building and good sportsmanship.