A Passion for Learning

YMCA Day Camps are full of fun, friendship and discovery. They are uniquely designed to engage a broad range of interests and experiences. Our staff guide youth and become role models while intentionally fostering achievement, relationships and belonging. Let the camping begin.

No School Days Camp

Snack Attack

Who doesn't love a good snack?  Campers will make their own snack recipes in fun and creative ways.  Recipes may include trail mix, parfaits or salad on a stick.  No food will be shared and each student will have their own station to work on.

Ages: 6–12
Dates: January 18th 8:30 AM-2:30 PM
Cost: $75

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Games Galore

Active games, board games, minute to win it challenges, riddles... Games Galore! We'll play as many games as we can.

Ages: 6–12
Dates: January 29th 8:30 AM-2:30 PM
Cost: $75

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Invent It, Build It

This class will rev up that inventive spirit! Each day we'll have a new design challenge to solve. Kids will design, test, and tweak their inventions while working through the scientific method. Sample challenges include a confetti launcher, toy zip line and egg drop. The sky's the limit with a little creativity!

Ages: 6–12
Dates: February 15th 8:30 AM-2:30 PM
Cost: $75

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Winter Enrichment Classes

We are excited to offer in person enrichment classes at the Clark YMCA. These classes will allow kids to engage and explore while learning new skills in a COVID safe environment. The YMCA will do a health screening including temperature check at the beginning of each class. Participants will be provided their own set of materials to use for class. They will need to wear a mask and observe social distancing guidelines.

Kid's Chemistry

Students will participate in a variety of hands on experiments that explore how things are made and how they react to one another.

Ages: 6–12
Schedule: Wednesdays Jan. 13-27
Time: 3:30 PM-5:00 PM
Cost: $56

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Lego Engineering Custom Creations

You're a master Lego builder and need to be challenged! This class turns you into the engineer. Instead of simply following the instructions to build a project, you'll have to build and test your own designs. We'll give you the challenges and help you create your own original engineering project.

Ages: 7–12
Schedule: Tues/Thurs, Feb. 2-25
Time: 4 PM–5 PM
Cost: $100

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Jr. Legos Into the Wild

One of the wonderful parts about childhood is discovering all the amazing animals that live on the planet. We will learn about animals and their habitat through building models of animals with Legos, while learning about what makes these animals special and unique. .

Ages: 4–6
Schedule: Tues/Thurs, Feb. 2-25
Time: 4 PM–5 PM
Cost: $100

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PE Camp

Join us for a fun and interactive PE camp. Class focuses upon movement, fitness, different sports, and group games.

Ages: 6–12
Schedule: Wednesdays Feb. 3-24
Time: 3:30 PM-5 PM
Cost: $75

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