Clark County FAQs

Your Questions. Our Answers.

We hope that these will answer any questions you may have. If not, please contact us at 360.885.9622.

What are your Membership/Registration Desk hours?

We are open six days a week, except for certain holidays.

Normal membership hours are:

Monday–Friday | 9 AM–7 PM

Saturday | 10 AM–2 PM

Closed on Sunday.

Program registration is also available online.

What does my membership include?

Your membership is all-inclusive and gives you full access to the facility, pools, gyms, group exercise classes, Y Time, youth center, discounted programs and priority registration. Access to all YMCA of Columbia-Willamette facilities, this includes our Sherwood Regional Family YMCA and Beaverton Hoop YMCA in Oregon. 

Can I bring guests?

Each member unit will receive seven free guest passes every 12 months to share with family and friends throughout the year. Guest passes are not available for youth or young adult memberships. 

What can my children do at the Y?

In addition to all the program offerings available for kids, depending on their ages they can utilize the facility in other ways as well.

  • Youth under the age of 9 must be under the direct supervision and control of an actively responsible adult ore designated YMCA staff person at all times and may only have access to the first floor.
  • We have Y Time for children between the ages of 6 weeks to 8 years, where you children will be engaged in play and learning with kids their own age and Y staff while you can enjoy two hours within our facility. 
  • Youth 9–11 years old or older can be in the facility as long as an adult responsible for them is in the facility. They may only have access to the first floor.
  • Youth 12–13 year old can be in the facility without an adult but may only access the first floor, unless they have completed the Youth Strength Training Program. 
  • Youth 14–17 years old have full access to the facility. 
Can I use other Ys when I am traveling?

Your membership to the Y ensures that you are always welcome at a YMCA. With our recent launch of the Nationwide Membership, you can visit another Y in a different city when you travel.

Nationwide members visiting the Clark County Family YMCA may use their Y membership card free of charge at our facility for up to 28 days a year. Please provide valid membership and identification at the member service desk each time you visit. Program participation will require Nationwide members to pay the non-member fee.

What is your Program cancellation policy? 

You can change dates, change camps or cancel for a full refund as long as your request is made seven or more days before the start of your camp. If you need to cancel your camp within seven day days of camp, we will give you a 100% credit on your account that you can apply to any YMCA program including a different summer camp or sports league etc. Or will give you a 50% cash refund. Camps will run rain or shine with no refunds given for weather related issues.

What is the Aquatics Youth Policy at the Clark County Family YMCA?

Our Lifeguards work to prevent drowning through proactively restricting non-swimmers and inexperienced swimmers to shallow water—water that is no deeper than four feet. We require a swim test for all persons 14 years and younger before they enter the water—no exceptions. We provide a color-coded wristband per swim level—even youth intend to stay in shallow water. Wristbands are required at all times both in or around the pool area. Those not complying will be asked to leave the pool.

What does the Swim Test involve and what areas are my child allowed to use?

Children will receive color-coded wristbands for their ability to swim in different areas of our pool. 

Blue Band—Lap Pool 

Blue Band Test

  1. 50 yd front crawl stroke with rhythmic breathing.
  2. Float on their back for 30 seconds
  3. Tread water for 30 seconds

Privileges: Access to lap pool and entire Rec Pool

Green Band—Deep Water

Green Band Test                  

  1. Swim the width of the recreational pool 2 lengths unassisted without rest using crawl-stroke, with arms coming out of the water and face in the water.
  2. Turn on their back, float 30 seconds.
  3. Tread water for 30 seconds.

Privileges: Access to entire Rec Pool

Yellow Band—Shallow Water

Yellow Band Test

  1. Child must be at least 46” at armpit level to receive a yellow band without a swim test.

  2. Swim the width of the recreational pool one length unassisted without rest using crawl-stroke, with arms coming out of the water and face in the water.

Privileges: Must stay in the shallow end of rec pool.

Red Band—Non Swimmers

Swimmers that do not pass the yellow band—shallow water test—or who refuse to take the test are considered non-swimmers. Non-swimmers, regardless of age, must stay in water that is armpit deep or less and require active adult supervision.