Basketball is BACK!

This ‘Hot Shot’ league style basketball competition allows young players to be a part of a team, compete on the court and have fun—all in a COVID-19 safe environment. League will run four consecutive weeks—three weeks of league play followed by a season ending tournament. All games will be held at the Beaverton Hoop YMCA.

April Session | Schedule and Standings

Schedule will be released no later than April 8.

Grades | 3–8
Dates | April 10, 17, 27, May 1 (Saturday)

Questions about our shooting league? Please contact bhysports@ymcacw.org.

Safety Protocols

  • Due to COVID-19 capacity restrictions, only players and volunteer coach (4 people total per team) are allowed in the facility. No other spectators will be allowed to enter the facility
  • Coaches and players are required to wear a face mask at all times
  • Frequent sanitizing will take place between each game and when necessary

Shooters League Game Rules 

  • Each round will be 60 seconds.  

  • There will be five rounds per game. Three games per weekend.

  • Each player must compete in every game. 

  • Players cannot shoot consecutive shots at a single scoring spot. 

  • Player must rebound their own shots. No assisting from coaches or other players. 

  • At least one foot must be on scoring spot for points to count. 

  • Player order may be switched between rounds.  

  • One player from each team will compete at the same time.  

  • Total round score ties will result in .5 points for each team.  

  • See court map for scoring spots. 

  • Coaches will be responsible for keeping track of their players points. As well as starting the timer.  

  • Report scores to Gym Monitor after completion of each game. 

  • Awards will be given for division winners, scoring champion (average/round) and playoff MVP (most points scored in playoffs).

Shooters League Example Game Day

9 AM — 1v2 | 3v4 
9:30 AM — 1v3 | 2v4 
10 AM — 1v4 | 2v3 

Example Scoring for Series 

Shooting league court scoring

Team #1 
Round A
Player 1: 45 
Player 2: 23 
Player 3: 30 
Total: 98 

Team #2 
Round A
Player 1: 45 
Player 2: 35 
Player 3: 25 
Total: 105 

Team 2 wins Round 1 of 5. Repeat for Rounds 2, 3, 4 and 5.  

Example End of Series 
Team #1: (2) Won rounds B & C 
Team #2 (3) Won rounds A, D & E 

End of Season Tournament

Standings will be calculated throughout the season to determine seeding. Two tournament games guaranteed. Game-play set up same as league games.