Sports Performance Training 

Get higher, faster and stronger through our sports performance programs. We offer classes designed to increase your speed, agility and quickness in your sport. Individual or small group training is available to meet your needs as an athlete.

Athlete Development

Fitness Conditioning | Helps your athlete perform at a higher level by increasing their cardiovascular endurance and muscular strength. This program is designed to assist beginning and seasoned athletes achieve their peak performance.

Athlete 101 | Designed to help new and beginning level athletes learn the fundamentals of training and give them the confidence they need as an athlete. We start by teaching footwork, agility and functional strength to lay a solid foundation for any sport.

Athlete 201 | Designed to help the intermediate athlete take their game to the next level. Learn first step explosiveness while increasing their strength, become a well-balanced athlete. Build on your athletic foundation and live up to your potential. 

Volleyball Performance Training 

Training sessions will cover power and strength exercises which are integral in developing athleticism and preventing injury when playing volleyball. We provide training programs that will help raise your game to the next level.  

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Small Group Performance Training

Small Group Training is designed for small groups of athletes with common training goals. By limiting the number of participants in each class, participants receive more personalized attention to maximize their individual results while receiving the guidance of a trainer at a lower cost than One-On-One Personal Training.

For more information contact Phil Paden

Personal Performance Training

Our Performance coaches can help you reach your sports specific goals. The benefits of working with our Performance Coaches include: faster results, awareness of correct lifting forms, increased strength and conditioning, enhanced sports performance, increased flexibility, injury prevention exercises and more. Take your game to the next level!

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Team Training

We use safe, proven exercises that mimic the movements of your sport. You’ll see significant, measurable improvements in critical areas, including: reaction time, acceleration, top speed, power, strength, flexibility, balance and agility.

And when you work with other members of your team, there's an added benefit. By working together through challenging exercises, you'll build the team spirit you'll need when the season gets tough.

  • Functional Strength & Power Development
  • Speed, Agility & Conditioning Improvements
  • Flexibility, Balance & Coordination Training
  • Character & Sportsmanship Building

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Vertimax Training

Increase your vertical jump, speed and first step quickness using Vertimax. 30 minute sessions are designed to meet your performance goals. 

One-on-One Training | $30 for 30 minute session

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