Every Body is Able

Powering Forward 

Developed by the Brian Grant Foundation, the Powering Forward Boot Camp is based on national research around the benefit of exercise to alleviate Parkinson’s symptoms. For those who desire a high-level workout, this program was developed specifically for you.

The Powering Forward Boot Camp is taught in an interval/circuit training style, and focuses on full functional body movements using ropes, suspension training, kettle bells, balance training, weights and boxing. Classes will encourage brain stimulation, challenge balance and stability and teach proper technique and form—all in an encouraging group setting.

Fill out this questionnaire and balance confidence survey. Once completed, you will receive information via email with instructions about how to schedule an in-person evaluation.

For more information, please contact Lynda Vinson at 503.608.3124.

Tai Chi

This low-impact physical exercise is excellent for joint mobility, balance and focus. During class sessions you will learn Yang style Tai Chi, and work on perfecting the traditional 8 to 24 forms. Students who enroll in this class will practice individual forms and will also gain an understanding of the martial arts application of each form.

For more information, please contact Lynda Vinson at 503.608.3124.