Get Started to Today

Kick Start is a FREE program offered to all new members. Kick Start is an opportunity to become comfortable in your YMCA by meeting with a fitness professional to assess your goals and needs and support your path to a healthy lifestyle. 

Why schedule a Kick Start appointment?

Because during your Kick Start appointment, our fitness professionals will...

1. Assist you with setting goals and formulating a plan
2. Help you determine the most effective ways to reach your wellness goals
3. Provide guidance on safety when using the YMCA facility
4. Recommend nutrition resources
5. Answer any question you may have about YMCA programming
6. Direct you with exercise selection

How Do I Get Started?

Visit the Front Desk to book your Kick Start appointment or fill out our Training Request Form. Expect your Kick Start appointment to last between 30-45 minutes. Contact Lynda Vinson at or 503.644.2191 for more information.