Black Swimming Initiative — Eco Swim Camp 2021

Black Swimming Initiative — Eco Swim Camp 2021

Swim! Learn! Thrive!

For generations the YMCA has been a pillar of community-building for black and brown families in Portland and SW Washington. It has been a familiar place (and sometimes the only safe place) for family gatherings, afterschool and summer sports programs, aquatics, and the invaluable lifelong friendships and trust that inevitably come with the longevity of an organization that truly invests in its community.

Many stark realizations have come to our attention through the Black Lives Matter movement, COVID-19 pandemic, wildfires, and recent civic unrest. The YMCA is demonstrating its community-building leadership again, beyond its walls, to partner with WaterStrong and a few dedicated triathletes to deliver the Black Swimming Initiative.

About the Black Swimming Initiative

The Black Swimming Initiative (BSI) is an effort designed to break down barriers to swimming and water sports that black and brown people often encounter. No person should ever be held back from fully enjoying the waters of this great earth and our public swimming pools, no matter what.

The BSI Eco-Swim Camp event aims to take one step toward that goal. Participants learn basic water safety skills and the principles of water stewardship.This one-hour workshop for kids of all ages and their parents and caregivers is the opening act of the Black Swimming Initiative, delivered through a partnership with YMCA and WaterStrong.

Event Details

DATE: June 20
TIMES: 9:30 AM–10:30 AM, 11 AM–Noon
11324 NE 51st Circle,
Vancouver, WA 98682
COST: Free (Donations Welcome)