Adventure Guides Kickoff

Adventure Guides Kickoff

Let's Go Exploring

The Adventure Guides program launches fathers and their children on a journey of friendship and discovery, with the child as the explorer and the parent as the guide.

Adventure Guides meets the societal need of providing a significant way for busy parents to connect with their children by making memorable moments that will last a lifetime. Adventure Guides encourages parents to “get to know your kid while your kid is still a kid” with group activities such as games, crafts, songs, stories, ceremonies as well as outdoor pursuits such as camping, hiking and swimming. The one‐on‐one time in a fun, special environment builds important bonds through shared experiences.

Though Adventure Guides is a program that began from the observation that at times busy dads may need support to bond with their children, we recognize that families come in all shapes and sizes. Any significant adult in a child’s life is invited and welcome to fill the role of Guide.

In adventure Guides, parents and children develop healthy relationships, gain a sense of belonging and learn the importance of giving back to the community through one‐on‐one interactions with other families and community service projects.

At the heart of the program are the Compass Points which give members a sense of direction and an inspiration for activities.The points of the compass are Family, Nature, Community and Fun. The Family is the ‘true north’ focal point of the program. Focus on Nature and the natural world with camping experiences are an integral part of the program. Community encompasses the spirit of the program through bonding of small communities called ‘circles’. Fun is the magic that brings it all together. 

At the YMCA in Sherwood we look to enhance the lives of those in our community by strengthening the bonds in our families and spreading that bond outwards to our neighbors and our world. Come celebrate, life, family, nature and the joy of community in our amazing Adventure Guides program.

Please register for this free event so we can know how many to expect.