Returning to the Y

Welcome Back!

Our Beaverton, Sherwood and Clark County locations are all open and we are excited to welcome you back.

Our team has developed and implemented a broad range of protocols which help ensure the health and safety of our members and our staff. Here are some of the things you can expect to encounter as you return to the Y. 

Help Us All Stay Safe

Limited Capacity icon

Managed Capacity 

Specific capacities for each functional area of our facilities have been established in order to ensure proper levels of physical distancing during your visit. Access will be provided on a first-come, first-served basis,

We ask that members limit their visit to 60 minutes or less. No guests are currently allowed.

OR: Members will be served on a first come, first served basis.

WA: Facilities are open by reservation only. Please check our schedule to reserve your spot. 

Health Check icon

Health & Safety 

Upon entry to the Y, our check-in staff will ask each member if they have experienced any COVID-related symptoms. Anyone experiencing these symptoms will not be allowed to enter our facilities. If you have any symptoms or signs of sickness, we ask that you please remain at home. 

Wipe Down icon

Cleaning & Sanitization 

We have increased our protocols for cleaning and sanitization, using products which have been proven to be effective against the COVID-19 virus. Every Y has been deep cleaned prior to reopening. Frequent hand washing is recommended. Fitness studios and equipment will be cleaned before and after each use, and personal sanitization supplies (i.e., hand sanitizer) will be available throughout the facility. We ask that each member wipe down any equipment that they use before and after each use as well.

No Kids icon

Suspended Services 

During our Y’s reopening process, guidelines require the temporary suspension of child watch. Locker rooms and showers are reserved for swimmers. During this period, certain services like food service, coffee and vending, which do not easily lend themselves to physical distancing, will also be suspended. Members can expect that we will revisit the activation of some of these services over time in conjunction with local county guidance. 

Physical Distancing icon

Physical Distancing 

Protocols to ensure proper levels of physical distancing have been put in place throughout the facility in accordance with both state and local county guidelines. Additional staff will be on hand throughout the facility to assist members and ensure all protocols are followed. Floor markers to direct queuing lines have been put in place in certain areas.   

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Personal Protective Equipment 

Staff have been provided with personal protective equipment (e.g., non-surgical masks and disposable gloves) for use as needed in the course of their duties.

Members are expected to adhere to local guidelines and the recommendations of local county health officers, regarding the use of face coverings while in public when visiting the Y.

OR: Members are required to wear face coverings at all times while in our facilities.

WA: Members are required to wear face coverings at all times while in our facilities, except while engaged in swimming.