Creative Curriculum

Early Childhood Creative Curriculum

At the YMCA we use a proven approach to learning called Creative Curriculum. This approach informs the nurturing, learning and educational environment that our participating children experience. For more information about this curriculum in Early Childhood Development, visit Infants, Wobblers, Toddlers and Preschoolers or check out the overview below.

Our curriculum is an early childhood development approach rooted in educational philosophy, theory and practice. We focus on how children develop and learn, based on their individual interests, the learning environment and the role of a teacher.

The framework for this approach takes advantage of a child's natural curiosity to explore the world around them and is composed of eight core areas. Children thrive in the rich learning environment in our YMCA Child Development Centers.

At YMCA Child Development Centers we provide children with a nurturing atmosphere and proven curriculum that celebrates individuality, promotes self-esteem and encourages positive social interactions. We work with families to make each center a supportive and challenging place for children to grow and develop. At the YMCA we believe in patience, a passion for learning and genuine care for one another.


In a YMCA early childhood classroom, literacy includes increased vocabulary, phonological awareness, knowledge of letters, numbers and words, comprehension, understanding of books, and literacy as a sense of enjoyment.


Children are given opportunities during the day to build their mathematical skills. These skills include number concepts, patterns, measurements and data collection.


Young children love science and learning about the world around them. Our program includes physical, life and earth science components.

Social Studies

Our social studies program focuses on how people relate to geography, how they live, the environment around them and past events.


Art is designing, creating and exploring. We include dance, music, theater and visual arts such as painting and clay.


You'll find children in our early childhood program using a variety of digital tools, both for play and for real.

Healthy Habits

It is critical to help young children develop lifelong Healthy Lifestyles. We model good eating habits and offer a variety of physical activities.

Social, Moral and Spiritual Development

Our staff celebrates and encourages the values of love, respect, honesty, responsibility and service.

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