Christian Mission Advancement

Christian Mission Advancement

Our Mission Focus

To make Christ and His values evident in the culture of the YMCA and the communities in which we serve.

The Goal

To advance the Christian mission of the YMCA as articulated in the YMCA of the USA's current constitution, for we believe Jesus Christ and His teaching are as relevant and meaningful in our modern era, as they have been since the YMCA's inception in 1844. 

The Paris Basis

The continuing basis of the work and witness of the Young Men's Christian Association is expressed in the "Paris Basis," as adopted by the delegates of the First World Conference in Paris in 1855, and reaffirmed by the sixth World Council of YMCA's in 1973:

The Young Men's Christian Association seeks to unite those young men (people) who, regarding Jesus Christ as their God and Savior, according to the Holy Scriptures, desire to be His disciples in their faith and in their life, and to associate their efforts for the extension of His kingdom amongst young men (all people).

The Pillars

Our Purpose

We are dedicated to preserving, fostering and advocating the Christian purpose of the YMCA movement at the local, regional, national and international level.

Our Practice

Required: Through our Christian Principles training, expose all YMCA staff and volunteers to the values of Christian principles mission. 

Voluntary: To empower, encourage and equip YMCA staff, volunteers and members to fulfill our Christian purpose by developing strategies that influence the movement through outreach, training, workshops, conferences and networking. 

Our Principles
  1. We believe that God loves people and seeks to make Himself known
  2. We believe in Jesus Christ and His teachings
  3. We believe in the Bible

The Role of the Chaplain

The Office of the Chaplain
The chaplain's office strengthens, encourages and equips YMCA staff, members and volunteers as they put the Christian principles into practice. 
The Work of the Chaplain

Our chaplains support

  • And counsels the staff and/ or volunteers in their efforts to implement the mission—putting Christian Principles into practice
  • The equipping of staff and/ or volunteers in how to put our Christian principles into practice at work, creating seminars and training to teach methods of implementation
  • The teaching, modeling and philosophy of servant leadership
  • The review and/ or development of "C" programs, curriculum and tools that can be used by others
  • The development of relationships and partnerships with the faith community to deliver programs at local YMCA sites
  • The necessary funding to sustain ministry programs, activities and staff
The Leadership of the Chaplain

Chaplains lead the organization

  • To an understanding of what constitutes our association's Christian Principles
  • To awareness about how our organization can make Christian Principles practical in our delivery of health and human services
  • To a place where programs are in operation that engage staff, volunteers and members in the pursuit of healthy spirit, mind and body for all—using Christian Principles
  • In the creation of culture where people in the YMCA feel strengthened, encouraged and empowered by the services made available to them