Youth Development Programs for Generations to Come

Our vision is simple—purchase the property to continue offering youth development programs in the Beaverton community. Our goal is straightforward—expand the Beaverton Y Campus to include the future home of a new Child Development Center, while continuing our commitment to provide youth sports by operating the Beaverton YMCA.

State Awards $1.8 Million for Beaverton Y Campus Expansion 

As the 2021 Oregon Legislative session came to a close the YMCA received the exciting news that we will receive $1.8 million towards the renovation of a new Youth Development Center on the Beaverton Y Campus.

Additional funds have been raised and we are pursuing other funding sources, including major donors and foundations. This new center will increase access to quality, affordable child care.

In the News 

Read more about the $5 million dollar gift. Media Release

The Beaverton YMCA

The Beaverton YMCA is a local community center that strengthens and serves by providing quality programming for all ages. We passionately focus on strengthening communities with programs that protect, teach, connect, heal, nourish and encourage youth, adults, seniors and families. For the past decade, we have been privileged to serve the greater Beaverton area by making positive changes in the lives of the people who participate in our programs. 

In 2019, we served 10,000 youth through programs offered inside and outside our walls—extending out further into Washington County with programs for youth in multiple school districts. We see hundreds of kids from the Portland metro area participate in our nationally ranked competitive basketball program. And we serve a large population of active older adults through our group exercise programs and provide a community for them to continue building healthy relationships in our facility. Members and participants engage their spirit, mind and body through our programs—this is unique to the YMCA, that no other fitness facility has. 

New Youth Development Center

The Beaverton Y Campus will also be the future home of a new Youth Development Center, which will provide quality early childhood development and before and after school enrichment programs for 150 kids. The new center will be part of the renovation of the smaller of the two buildings on the property. The center will help address the growing crisis for affordable child care in our community and will meet the needs of many single-parent and dual-working families in need of financial assistance. 

Each year at our YMCA 1,700 infants, toddlers and preschoolers experience a safe, caring environment in our early childhood development programs at our Child Development Centers. Infants and toddlers develop trust and security and preschoolers experience early literacy and learn about their world in our early development programs.

Many of our Child Development Centers also provide school enrichment programs to local schools. Children who participate in safe, high quality enrichment programs are more engaged in school, exhibit better behavior, and achieve higher grades and test scores. We plan to have school enrichment programs at our new center on the Beaverton Y Campus

Invest Today

We have a great opportunity to further impact lives of our neighbors by purchasing the Beaverton Y property, which will strengthen our commitment to the Beaverton community. The property includes the current 50,000 square foot building where we operate The Beaverton Y, as well as a smaller 14,000 square foot building which will be renovated for a new Youth Development Center. Please join us in support of our shared community and help us expand our reach to the communities beyond.

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