About YMCA Camp Duncan's Woods

Duncan Campbell, prominent Portland business leader and advocate for at-risk youth in our community, had a vision: to serve the most disadvantaged and fragile youth of our community in an overnight resident camp. Campbell purchased 160 acres of land near Trillium Lake in the Mt. Hood National Forest and waited to find the right partner to put his vision into action. 

The YMCA shared Campbell's vision to help support kids in at risk situations. Together the YMCA and Duncan Campbell aim to strengthen youth's choice making skills, leadership skills and interpersonal skills while embracing the YMCA mission. 

In 2017, the State of Oregon approved building permits for us to begin building on the property. 

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We invite you to partner with us financially and by donating your time to bring a unique YMCA camp experience to high-risk youth.

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Group of teens and leaders hiking on Mt. Hood

"YMCA Camp Duncan's Woods gives children the opportunity to explore the outdoors in ways they wouldn't be able to otherwise. My boys learned techniques and skills that will last a lifetime."

-Camp Duncan's Woods Parent Testimonial