Outdoor School

Outdoor School

This program is currently unavailable.

Due to current COVID-19 restrictions, we are unable to offer this program. We look forward to the day we can welcome our community back to Camp Collins!

Children learning outside

Learning Outside the Classroom

Our program focuses on nurturing a sense of appreciation for the natural world through an understanding of ecological systems. Utilizing the forest and river habitats common to the area around YMCA Camp Collins, basic ecological concepts are introduced and studied with an emphasis on how students can interact positively within natural systems. Investigations are incorporated into the classes so that students can apply the scientific method in the field.  All classes are aligned with state learning standards. Outdoor classes include

  • Citizen Scientist
  • Forest Ecology
  • Habitat Hike
  • Micro-Forest
  • Orienteering 
  • River Ecology
  • Sculls, Scat & Tracks
  • Sustainability