Family Programs

Family Programs

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Cabin Rental Weekends and Saturday Family Camps remove distractions and allow families the freedom to focus solely on one another. Escape from the stress of this year with a camp experience adapted for COVID-19 safety. Family members connect with one another outside of homework, after school activities, technology, and day to day business. Bring your family closer together through outdoor fun and teamwork. Families of all forms are welcome at the Y, including grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, step-families, single parents, LGBTQ+ families and more.


Traditional Family Camp (returning in 2022)

On Memorial Day and Labor Day weekends we offer a fun and exciting camp experience for the family. Family Camp weekends are times when families can play together in a beautiful and supportive outdoor environment.

During Family Camp weekends we host activities for the whole family such as archery, arts and crafts, group games, environmental hikes, mountain biking, challenge course elements and rock climbing. Memorial Day weekend will feature a family square dance, horseback riding and hayrides while Labor Day weekend offers traditional family favorites like rafting the Sandy River, horses and swimming. Evenings will culminate in a traditional campfire facilitated by the camp staff.

Families can participate in some or all of the scheduled events, or just hang out on their own.

Families have the opportunity to make new friends by sharing a cabin with another family. Delicious and healthy meals are provided and a salad bar is available at every lunch and dinner. We do our best to accommodate all food allergies, and needs—gluten free, vegetarian—please be sure to inform us of these needs before camp starts. Snacks are always available during the day.