Build and Improve Your Team

YMCA Camp Collins has a state-of-the-art Challenge Course that you and your coworkers can navigate to build a stronger team. Our Challenge Course contains a climbing tower, rock wall and bouldering structures that participants work through using group problem-solving skills, communication and teamwork.

Elements vary throughout the Challenge Course, and participants can maneuver through low elements closer to the ground or high elements in the trees. Both elements encourage participants to form deeper trust with each other as they push past the obstacles. These Elements are built using wood, cables, ropes, poles, platforms around trees and the ground. 

Participants wear a harness and helmet while they overcome each element challenge. We have several trained guides to help instruct and assist when needed, all the while encouraging teamwork and communication from the participants. 

Essentially, our adult obstacle course will help participants communicate and interact in a new way, enhance problem-solving and identify each other's strengths and weaknesses while enjoying the beauty of Oxbow Park. We're sure after being outdoors and navigating our Challenge Course, your workplace, family or group will be a stronger team. 

Benefits to Challenge Course Activities

  • Communication
  • Trust
  • Leadership
  • Problem Solving
  • Cooperation
  • Teamwork
  • Confidence

About Our Challenge Course

We partnered with Synergo to provide the best challenge course and team-building experience for your school or organization. Whether your group would like to focus on getting to know each other better, enhancing communication, building trust or just needs to be re-energized, we have the program for you. Each session can be tailored to your group's particular needs to assure the creation of a strong, healthy and productive team.

YMCA Camp Collins and Synergo offer a wide variety of team initiatives through the use of challenge course elements. This experiential learning environment promises to facilitate lessons that are learned for life.

All of Synergo's facilitators are trained to the standards set by the Association for Challenge Course Technology (ACCT). The combination of incredible elements and strong facilitation provides the perfect atmosphere for learning, bonding and fun.

Synergo Training

Synergo Challenge Course training and ACCT facilitator certifications are held at YMCA Camp Collins. For more information about these certification opportunities and others, visit Synergo