Business Workshops

Business Workshops

The Art of Appreciation and Limiting Beliefs Workshops

We believe in servant leadership and Shannon Lee is equipped to offer workshops to your team for existing and potential new champions within our community. Positive energy is contagious, but it’s not something we can ever take for granted. Whatever each of us derives from our work, the feeling that we truly matter, that we contribute a unique value to our space and that we’re appreciated for it is a priceless gift that will impact all areas of our life.

The Art of Appreciation Workshop

The goal of the Art of Appreciation workshop is to increase employee retention and staff satisfaction through motivational messages and inspirational conversations.

Limiting Beliefs Workshop

The goal of Limiting Beliefs workshop is to help individuals identify their limiting beliefs, challenge them and cultivate new empowering beliefs to achieve one’s full potential. 

About Our Speaker

Shannon is a dynamic and engaging leader with over 30 years of experience working in the public and private sectors. She is a trained and certified John Maxwell team leader, a small business owner for nearly 20 years and has led, organized and supported a multitude of nonprofit and faith-based organizations. Shannon is a member of staff and a leader at the YMCA.

Discovering what others long to be and offering them tools to achieve their goals is her mission. She believes that within everyone, a leader is waiting to be developed. Shannon works to inspire, challenge and equip teams. She successfully delivers a positive message to the audience and brings value to any organization.

“Shannon Lee is simply one of a kind! Her passion permeates the room and she has the ability to engage with her clients in a truly genuine and impactful way. I would highly recommend her services." 
—Cheri Perry, President of Total Merchant Concepts

Work With Shannon

Research shows that employees who are appreciated are happier, more productive and have more longevity with an organization. By providing these workshop, you are investing in your staff, which sends a powerful message to your organization and the public, that they are valued. To learn more, please contact Director of Development, Shannon Lee at or 503.221.5333.