Sheri Greenstone

Sheri Greenstone

Sheri has been with our YMCA since 2005. She previously worked at a child care center called Tutor Time in Beaverton.

But, as of Apr. 1, 2005, our association purchased the center and began operating the Beaverton Child Development Center.

“When we picked up the phone on April 1, and said thank you for calling the Beaverton Child Development Center, parents thought we were pulling an April Fool’s joke.”

When Sheri found out her boss was selling the business to the YMCA, she was shocked. “I was thinking why? … The YMCA is a gym, they do sports and camps.” So she went home and began researching about the YMCA and “if this company does their mission, this will be a good place to work.” Sheri has not only stayed with the Y, but she enjoys the work she does here.

A career in Child Care was not her plan when she was in college. Child Care was the job to help Sheri get through school and into what she planned—a Masters in Mathematical Sciences to become a middle school math teacher. “It was comfortable, challenging and I liked it ... But I knew it wasn’t my forever job.”

Sheri moved up the position ladder in the Y to Assistant Program Director, then to Director as she transferred between the Beaverton CDC, Y’s Choice CDC then into the Amberglen CDC in 2012.

“There were several times when I thought about changing jobs, and every time the answer was always, clearly no— you’re needed here.” That was until this summer, Sheri felt something calling her to dig up the job post for the Accounts Receivable Coordinator at ASO. “I felt something say, now is the time for change.” So Sheri applied for the position, and is now working at ASO.

One of the things that surprise Sheri the most about the Y, is that after more than 13 years, there are still things she doesn’t know.

“It’s just so big—it’s adapting, growing and programs are changing ... I can always learn something new here.”

Sheri enjoys engaging with parents and families and finding ways to help them keep their children in our programs. Some of her fondness memories are families welcoming her into special pieces of their family history. She hopes that people can understand the different aspects the YMCA offers. I hope they find “the good we are doing in the community—helping families.”

When Sheri thinks of the future of the YMCA, she sees the growing need that our families, members and participants have and how the Y can step in to help them. The Y is not a place where people come in, get things done and leave, “we try to help people grow in everything ... It’s not only about being fit.”

Thank you Sheri for you generous heart to help those in our Y family find a safe place to build a community and belong.

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