Roberts Family

When Yvette Roberts first made the decision to send her children, Cody and Meaghan, to YMCA Camp Collins, she didn't know what to expect. She had no way of knowing it would eventually become an annual family summer tradition. 

Yvette first heard about YMCA Camp Collins eight years ago, after talking with friends and neighbors. And with help from scholarships, she was able to provide her children with the fun and exciting camp experience she had always hoped for them. 

Cody, spent his first summer at YMCA Camp Collins as an Expo camper. After a positive first stay at camp, he decided to attend for six more consecutive summers. 

For Cody, the accepting nature and ability to be one’s own self at YMCA Camp Collins are just a couple of the factors that contribute to its “magical” appeal. At camp, Cody learned to celebrate the differences of others and finally began stepping out of his own shell. 

Cody’s personal growth and progress at camp was especially evident to Yvette and family friends, who immediately saw his behavior improve after returning from YMCA Camp Collins each summer.

Symptoms of Cody’s Asperger’s Syndrome and obsessive compulsive disorder began to slowly disappear, and Yvette watched as her son began to open himself up to trying new experiences. 

Recently, Cody completed the Counselor in Training program, and for the last two summers has spent his time at YMCA Camp Collins working as a staff member—a job he hopes to make into a career. According to Cody, someday he wants to replace current Camp Executive Director Willard Burks. 

This past summer Cody worked as the Environment Specialist Instructor, a job that allowed him to spend time with camp’s horses.

Meaghan, Yvette’s daughter, has also loved attending camp. She has made strides in her growth as a result of YMCA Camp Collins as well, and has stepped out of her shell and is now very outgoing. 

Meaghan started at YMCA Camp Collins as a Pio camper, and this last summer did six weeks as a teen. Her favorite part of camp is the feeling of inclusivity. 

“YMCA Camp Collins has been good for both of my children,” Yvette said. “And our entire family.”

We are pleased that Yvette made the decision to send her kids to YMCA Camp Collins eight years ago and are grateful for the impact Cody and Meaghan are now making on other youth who come to YMCA Camp Collins.

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