Riley Rice

Riley Rice

Riley Rice had initially come to the Y to spend time with his kids who were members in a different state, but were visiting for a few days. At that time, he was not exercising regularly, but maintaining healthy eating habits to sustain his weight. He realized that incorporating workout routines into his week would enable him to keep up with his kids’ active lifestyles and enable manageable eating habits. He immediately felt welcomed by the staff and members at the Sherwood Regional Family YMCA and decided to become a member himself.

After he joined the Y, he began the 12-week-program. He met with Marcella, a Personal Fitness Coach, and she showed him how to incorporate strength training and stretching into his daily cardio routine. The 12-week-program gave him the knowledge and capability to complete workouts he had never done before joining the Y. 

“In the first few minutes of a workout, sometimes I want to quit. Then I remember how good I feel afterwards, and that’s what keeps me going.”

Over the course of about a week, when Riley was going through his workout routines, he noticed a sharp pain in between his shoulder blades and his daily workouts became harder and harder for him to complete. Little did he know that he was having an angina during his workouts, which would lead to a heart attack. The doctors told him that if it hadn’t been for all the cardio that he had done at the Y, his heart could have easily been damaged. After he was released from the hospital and with the consent of his doctor, Riley came right back to the Y to continue strengthening his heart.

Riley’s heart, and maybe his life, were saved by the cardio and strength training workouts he was shown by Marcella, and he continues to push himself to achieve his goal of a sustainable, healthy lifestyle. 


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