Our Greatest Enemy - False Problems

Chaplain, Curtis Young

Want to know something crazy? You are your own greatest enemy. Not the world. Not consumerism. Not the political Left or Right. Just you. Why am I saying this? Because of the lies you tell yourself.

You want you to feel good, to think of yourself as a good person, and most of all, to feel Safe. So you do not tell yourself the truth. Ironically, sometimes the hardest truths are right in front of our faces, but our mind tricks us into looking for 50 false problems instead of the one real problem.

For example:

FALSE PROBLEM: “I don’t make enough money to build up my savings or retirement.”
REAL PROBLEM: I do not have any discipline and I have many bills from my past, or I want to spend my money today, instead of saving it for tomorrow.

FALSE PROBLEM: “I need to improve my productivity. Should I get the hot new app, or that fancy coffee or do transcendental meditation?”
REAL PROBLEM: I cannot stop goofing off, I do not want to turn off Netflix and I stay up way too late.

FALSE PROBLEM: “I want to lose weight. Should I take probiotics, eat superfoods or go Paleo or Atkins?”
REAL PROBLEM: I eat too much and do not exercise.

FALSE PROBLEM:“There’s too much Whitney Houston on the radio.”
REAL PROBLEM: This is not a problem.

Lying to yourself and believing false problems are super normal things to do—my mind plays these tricks on me, too. Finding strategic shortcuts to make up for my weaknesses is easier than dealing with those weaknesses. But, I think true success in life is about uncovering, and facing, our real problems. Because no matter how hard they might be to admit, once you know what they are you can do something about it.And, that’s where growth begins, with the understanding that you determine what happens with your life. Not your weaknesses, not your past, not the President, but you. And, you can make the changes that you want to see in your life, and we at the Y, are here to help you however we can.