March 26, 2020

It’s so wonderful to be able to bring you a workout even though we aren’t able to be together at this time!
I miss you all!

Kelley C.

Barre by Kelley 

Two Soup Cans or 1–3 pound dumbbells

Warm up
8–16 | Step out Squat to the right (move smoothly through the fullest range of motion)
4–8 | Step out Squats to the right add a right side leg lift.
On the last rep, hold the lifted leg in balance.
Repeat on the left.

Right leg forward and straight, with arms long and back flat reach toward the floor as if you’re picking up a box, and then place the box “on the counter, and then a top shelf” then put it “Back on the counter, and back on the floor. Repeat 3 times and then repeat with the left leg forward.

Switching back to the right leg forward:
8–16 | Lunges nice and smoothly, remembering to bring the abs under control, and lowering the body weight with the back leg!
4–8 | Lunges with a rear leg lift at the top of the range of motion holding balance on the last rep.
Repeat on the left!

To Modify use a chair seat, wall or counter top

8–16 | Full range of motion push ups lowering slowly and pushing up slowly.
4–8 | Bird dog push ups, both hands on the barre as you lower down, reaching forward with the left hand and extending the right leg out behind you as you press up. Repeat on the opposite arm and leg.

Standing Series:
With hands on the barre, and standing an arms length from the barre, bring your feet under your hips and make sure your toes are pointed straight forward. 

8–16 | full range of motion Water Skiing Plie’
(Keep knees behind the toes, sink your bottom backward as though you are waterskiing, back should be as upright as possible as though you are sliding down a wall.)

8–16 | Top half range of motion Water Skiing Plie’
8–16 | Low range of motion Water Skiing Plie’
Hold | 10 seconds in the lowest place.
Pulse | 8–16 for Counts
Now shift to the right and lift the left heel off the floor and repeat the pattern.
Repeat again with the right heel lifted.

Putting the moves in motion

  1. Take 4–8 steps forward
  2. Feet in first position (Heels together toes pointing gently to the corners of the room) weights or soup cans in hand: bring arms to second position.
  3. Plie’
  4. Step forward with right leg,
  5. Lift the rear leg in an Arabesque as you squeeze the glute (bottom cheek) hold for 2 counts
  6. Bring rear leg to the front leg and plie’

Repeat by:

  1. Stepping forward with the left leg
  2. Lift rear leg in an arabesque as you squeeze your glute hold for 2 counts
  3. Bring the rear leg forward to meet the left. Plie’

Continue another two to four steps.

Abdominal Work

8–16 | Crunches on the floor with the legs up, either extended and toes pointed or with the knees bent and feet flexed.
8–16 | One leg v-ups (repeat on that other side!)
Side plank variation of choice for 10-30 seconds repeat on the other side!

Starting in child’s pose take 4 deep even breaths
Bring hands to the right corner for 4 breaths then the left.

Thread the needle right, then left 4-6 breaths each
Roll to the side, extend the legs and stretch the quads switch sides
Roll to belly and low cobra.
Push to hands and knees and bring the right leg forward for Lizard or runners lunge add a twist if you like. Jump switch! (or step switch!) Repeat on the left!

Bring both legs together and forward fold either from standing or seated. Breathe and you’re done!