March 24, 2020

Dear Barre Friends, 

I miss you so much already! I hope you are keeping up your water intake and eating nutritionally in this ever-changing time! My thoughts are with you and I can’t WAIT to get back into the studio with you as soon as it is safe to be together again. What a celebration day that will be! Remember to breathe deeply every day, and it never hurts to gargle with a little salty water!

Big virtual hugs!

Barre using body weight and either a chair or a wall made for you by instructor Kelley
Warm up!
1 Minute | March in place bringing knees into the chest. Use those abs to get the knees high!
1 Minute | Now bring the knees out wide! Keep marching!
Wide second position
Feet wider than the shoulders, toes pointed to the corners of the room, standing tall from the waist!
8-10 full range of motion squats (plies) I say “All the way down and all the way up nice and slow”
8-10 full range of motion squats plies with alternating side stretches (you can choose to stretch from standing or from the squat!
Slow lunges
Left Side first!
Remember the height of your lunge is determined by the back leg! Bend those knees toward right angles!
4-8 full range lunges Slowly!!
4-8 lunges with the back leg straight in “Ski slope” to stretch the hamstring! On the last one hold the stretch for two counts.
In that ski slope position add a “Wood Chop” motion
4-8 reps Please!
Now repeat that on the Right!
Find a spot for a modified or full push up! 
8 slow push ups
8 push-ups to flat back extension (these feel good!)
8 more with hips moving side to side!
From the push up position lift left leg high!
4-8 pushups here! (NO CHEATING!!!)
Now bring that knee into the chest as you bend your arms and extend as you straighten out the arms (go deep!) 4-8 more times!
(Guess what? We have two sides! Repeat on the Right!)
Standing series
Second position with weights
8-10 full range of motion second position plie’ with wide bicep curls.
4-8 Top half of the range of motion plie’ with half range bicep curls
4-8 Lower half range of motion plie’ with arms extended wide
Hold plie for 10 counts with your arms pressing the weights toward the ceiling or forward if your shoulders don’t like ceiling presses.
Tiny pulses for 10!
Repeat all of that with your feet next to one another and with or without your weights!
Abdominal Work
10 reverse sit-ups
10 bridge lifts
10 single leg drops (don’t forget the other side!)
Repeat if you can!
Forward Fold (Seated or standing)
Cross the body shoulder stretch
Tricep stretch
Side lying quads stretch
Wrist rolls 
Neck rolls
Big breath in then release.

Great Job!